Georgia Gould (Luna) took control early at Wissahickon.© Dennisbike

by Ken Getchell

October 18, 2009; Conshohocken, PA, USA:  Ryan Trebon summed up today’s Wissahickon in his typical straight-to-the-point manner, “It was cold and freakin’ windy.”  As in yesterday’s Granogue Cyclocross, Trebon led a Kona 1-2 and Gould won by a large margin.  But there were eye-opening gaps behind them.

The women started-off the second day of the UCI double-header, and despite the storm that turned the previous day’s course into a quagmire, the course at Wissahickon remained solid, though somewhat cooler than normal.  “This course is always exactly the same,” said Mo Bruno-Roy.  “It’s always flat and windy.  With the rain this weekend, it made it slightly boggier, but not much.  Fortunately, the rains stopped this morning.”

At the start of the women’s race, Rebecca Wellons (Team Plan C) took the early lead, but it wasn’t long before Georgia Gould (Luna Chix) asserted herself – and then fell down.  “It was after the two off-camber 180’s.  I got through the technical portion and thought ‘that wasn’t so bad’ because I hadn’t pre-ridden that section.  Then I just fell down and I was like, ‘Oh, that was a real professional move!'”  Even with the fall, Gould was untouchable for the second consecutive day.  Behind her, Mo Bruno-Roy (M&M Racing/Seven Cycles) was alone in second while a chase group consisting of yesterday’s revelation Amanda Carey (Kenda/, the C3-Athletes Serving Athletes duo of Laura Van Gilder and Dee Dee Winfield, and Boston’s Andrea Smith (Minuteman Road Club), who was competing in her first MAC Powered by SRAM weekend.  Carey was dropped as Smith bridged-up to Bruno-Roy.  What followed was some of the most aggressive women’s racing seen in America in many years.  Time and again, the relatively unknown Smith (who has been racing ‘cross only since last year) would dive under Bruno-Roy, only to have the more experienced racer take away her line.  Bruno-Roy would counter every acceleration Smith made.  Smith eventually was able to get by for the first time heading into the show jumping ring with slightly less than 3 laps to go, but couldn’t ride Mo off her wheel.  The action came down to the long, paved uphill sprint about a minute after Gould crossed the line with a victory salute.  Smith led out the sprint from the front, accelerated late and sealed her best cyclocross performance to date with a second-place finish.

In the Men’s race, a crash at the start delayed a few riders while Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs/RGM Watches/Radix) took the holeshot ahead of Ryan Dewald (Battley Harley Davidson) and Valentin Scherz (Pro Cycles Scott Newwork).  Asked after the race why they were getting beat off the line this weekend, Wicks and Trebon answered in unison, “Holeshots are overrated.”

Scherz led for a while, as did Wicks, but by halfway through the second lap Trebon was off the front and Wicks had a gap back to second.  The bearded Timmerman closed the gap to Wicks and made a race of it.  “I attacked Barry a couple of times,” said Timmerman, “but that plan backfired because then Barry attacked me.”  Still, Timmerman kept it close through the rest of the race, but Wicks never made a mistake large enough for Timmerman to get back in contact.

The MAC Powered by SRAM Series next moves to New Jersey on October 31 and November 1 for a weekend of UCI racing, Halloween costumes – and a wedding reception (really!).  Information on Beacon Cyclocross and HPCX can be found on

Race Notes:

1)      The large crowd near the beer tent amused themselves during the men’s race by planting money in the ground on the run-up for riders to grab while running by, something the backmarkers especially hope becomes a tradition.

2)      For the second day in a row, 15-year-old Sam “Sammy T. Hammer” O’Keefe of the C3-Athletes Serving Athletes team took a convincing win in the B-Men’s race.

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Full Results:

Category: 40 starters Elite Men
Place Bib # Last Name First Name Team2 Time U3
1 1 Trebon Ryan Kona 56:32
2 7 Wicks Barry Kona 57:14
3 2 Timmerman Dan RICHARD SACHS – RGM WATCHES – RADIX 57:24
4 12 Frattini Davide Team Fuji 58:09
5 25 Scherz Valentin PRO CYCLES-SCOTT-NEWWORK 59:24 U23
7 3 Myerson Adam Cycle-Smart 59:58
8 8 Schempf Weston C3 Athletes Serving Atheletes 1:00:00
9 42 Dugan William RGM WATCHES – RICHARD SACHS – RADIX 1:00:20
10 6 Wren Tyler Boo Bicycles 1:00:33
11 31 McGrath Adam Thule/Van Dessel 1:01:00 U23
12 5 Dewald Ryan Battley HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1:01:12
13 38 Fawley Bryan Hudz – Subaru 1:01:50
14 29 Kincaid Stephan Champion System/Cannondale 1:02:00
15 13 Nieters Jared Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit 1:02:40
16 9 Wittwer Greg ALAN North America Cycling Team 1:02:57
17 15 Bradley Patrick Rutgers University Cycling Team 1:03:10 U23
18 44 Fitzpatrick Kirt Sexual Camel 1:03:25
19 18 Spohn Matt Dynaflo Racing 1:04:46
20 14 Consorto Christopher Secret Henry’s Team 1 lap
21 16 Elliston Bill Van Dessel Factory Team 1 lap
22 20 Jenks Michael Highland Park Hermes p/b Kim’s Bike Shop 1 lap
23 39 Muehl Eric Industry Nine 1 lap
24 33 Gonda Pavel CRCA / Pacifico Team 1 lap
25 30 Mihalik Michael Freddie Fu Cycling Team 1 lap
26 23 Langlois Dan Embrocation Cycling Journal 1 lap
27 10 Wulfkuhle Andrew C3-Athletes Serving Athletes 1 lap
28 40 Yozell Michael 1 lap
29 11 Visinski Rickey Echappe Equipment Elite Team 1 lap
30 24 Lloyd J Gabriel Echappe Equipment Elite Team 1 lap
31 28 Crooks andrew NYC Velo 1 lap
32 37 Farabaugh Adam Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA Cannondale 1 lap U23
33 34 Quintero Lisban CRCA/ Foundation 1 lap
34 43 Snyder Aaron Scott Bicycles USA 1 lap
DNF 17 Mathias Ian Team BBC
DNF 19 Kahlenberg Jordan
DNF 22 Nelessen Guillaume Van Dessel Factory Team
DNF 27 Reynolds RJ
DNF 35 Dombrowski Joseph Haymarket Bicycles/Home Visit U23
DNF 36 Buckles Jeffrey ALAN / Richmond Pro
DNS 21 Szczepanski Adam Wissahickon
DNS 26 Craddock Elliott Champion Systems U23
DNS 32 Cummings Stephen Indiana Regional Medical Center
DNS 41 Rubijono Peter Embrocation/Cambridge/Igleheart/madAlchemy
Category: 24 starters Elite Women
Place Bib # Last Name First Name Team Time U23 35+
1 103 GOULD GEORGIA Luna Pro Team 41:24
2 125 Smith Andrea Minuteman Road Club 42:08
3 100 Bruno Roy Maureen MM Racing 42:08
4 101 Van Gilder Laura C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes 42:38 35+
5 105 Winfield Deidre C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes 42:42
6 104 Carey Amanda Kenda/ 43:34
7 110 Howe Barbara Vanderkitten 44:13
8 109 Kemmerer Arley Hub Racing 44:31
9 122 Yozell Miller Erica 44:40 35+
10 106 Thiemann Nikki Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon 44:51
11 102 Wellons Rebecca Team Plan C 45:16
12 108 Gavin Kristin Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon 46:12
13 113 MAXWELL JENNIFER ATAC Sportswear p/b The Bike Rack DC 47:02 35+
14 127 Annis Sally Hub Racing 47:21 35+
15 116 Church Kristine Human Zoom Cycling 47:45
16 112 Webber Lauri Secret Henry’s Team 48:58 35+
17 114 Kuliecza Julie Alan North America Cycling 49:08
18 130 Breyla Amy C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes 49:17
19 120 Pipes Lenore unattached 50:41
20 115 Grim Diane C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes 1 lap 35+
21 119 Waggett Jill Guy’s Racing Club 1 lap 35+
22 124 Luebbe Andrea Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon 1 lap
23 121 Most Lisa Wissahickon/Engin Cycles 1 lap 35+
24 129 Parsons Tara CRCA 1 lap 35+
DNS 111 Popovic Carolyn Cape Atlantic Racing/
DNS 117 Singerman Jessica Wissahickon
DNS 118 MASON BETH Verge Test Pilot 35+
DNS 123 Boswell-Vilt Evie Inland Back To Dirt Racing
DNS 126 Blakely Christy BMW-Bianchi
DNS 128 Harlow Elizabeth C3 Athletes Serving Athletes 35+