We get a ton of feedback through the various channels ( commenting on our website, our cowbell forums and social network, instant messaging, Facebook, Flickr, and occasionally Twitter.

That’s a lot of different, informal ways to talk to us at Cyclocross Magazine, which is awesome – no big corporate filtering or process to jump through for you to be heard – we like to keep that communication open. That’s the way we know if we’re delivering a magazine worth reading by any ‘cross racer or fan.

But the downside is we end up light on formal feedback, as in letters to the editor, written to be printed. While we have no intentions of changing the different ways you can talk to us, we do want more formal letters. So, if you’ve got an opinion (perhaps related to a past print issue), express it. Email your letter to: hugsorhate / at /

You might even win something with a good letter (perhaps a better chance at swag than competing at your local race?).

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