Mad Alchemy EmbrocationPeter Smith of Mad Alchemy Embrocation loves to embrocate. His daily routine is “wake, shower, dress, coffee, embrocate, commute.” In fact, for Smith, embrocation is so important, it replaces breakfast. The expert embrocator knows a thing about embrocation and is pretty picky, which is why he started trying to make his own stuff. Many batches later, he’s happy with his concoctions, and is now offering them under his newly-started brand, Mad Alchemy.

We sampled his two most popular products: his Warm Weather Embrocation and his Cold Weather Embrocation. Both are made from 100% natural ingredients, including grapeseed oil, soybean oil, essential oils, and beeswax. His products are described as vegan-pleasing and 100% natural. (Grapeseed oil also happens to have a high smoke point too, so in case you’re really burning up the course, your smoke won’t give you away). The Cold Weather Embrocation comes in three variations: Mellow, Medium, and Madness. Given that we’re of course wine-country softies here in Norcal and the temps are still warm, we went with the Mellow.

Initial tests revealed the Cold Weather product to have a strong, long-lasting warmth, a ripe guava-hue, and potent but pleasing tropical fragrance. The Warm Weather vintage had a very mild and smooth, soothing feel, and a very nice bouquet, filled with hints of mint and citrus . But please don’t ask about their mouth-feel…you are not supposed to eat them and we managed to resist. Sleepy coffee lovers may not have as much self control however, as Smith offers a coffee-enhanced embrocation (currently sold out).

Unless you are a daily embrocator like Smith, a 4 oz jar may last you several months if not a season.

Stay tuned for further testing of Mad Alchemy and other embrocations. We just might have to get the stopwatch out and have another product shootout.

Mad Alchemy Embrocation:
Warm Weather Embrocation: $13 for a 4 oz jar
Cold Weather Embrocation: $17 for a 4 oz jar
More info:

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