Last we saw of Nicole Duke’s adventures, she joined up with Emily Kachorek and Courtenay McFadden to tackle the Flume Trail around Lake Tahoe.

At the 2015 Lost and Found Gravel Race, the three amigas intentionally stayed together for the 100-mile course, transforming the gravel race into an experience, taking in the wide open skies and evergreen sights that Northern California had to offer.

Duke’s video is more than just a quick POV of the Lost and Found trails, and captures the experience of the day. We’re particularity intrigued by Anthony Clark’s breakfast bowl, consisting of 100% beets, and are completely mystified on how all of that fiber doesn’t translate into digestive concerns during a 100-mile ride. The end of the footage also reveals the intimate conversations of the elites around a campfire, and McFadden attempting a full bike build under the pressure of the camera.