In the spirit of “it’s always cyclocross season,” springtime urban ‘cross racing comes to Zurich this weekend thanks to the team behind the EKZ Crosstour.

The event will be part of the Urban Bike Festival happening April 2nd in Zurich’s West Quarter and will feature amateur riders as well as elite Swiss racers. If you find yourself in Zurich this weekend, check it out.

You can watch a trailer for the event as well as a course preview here and read the full press release below the videos.

Update: Footage from the 2016 event:

ZURICH, Switzerland – The premiere of the first Urban Cyclocross is imminent. The EKZ Crosstour brings along Urban Cyclocross with the new Urban Bike Festival on Saturday, April 2, in the booming Swiss Radquersport in the trendy Zurich West Quarter.

There will be a spectacle. A spectacle that the Swiss Radquersport has never experienced before. The Urban Cyclocross shows how Swiss ‘cross goes today. Radquer has become fashionable in recent years, hip and spectacular. The reveling in the good old days is a thing of the past. A new racing mode with a one-lap time trial at the start and the subsequent spectacle in Eliminator Mode will draw the audience into the spell. The route around the viaduct will be peppered with various action packed obstacles.

Participants from Everyone to Pro

With Simon Zahner, Marcel Wildhaber, Severin Sägesser and Lukas Winterberg go the best four Swiss CPB Crosstour 2015/2016 riders into the race. For the women, the German Champion Elisabeth Brandau, the ECC Crosstour medalist Nicole Koller and the bronze medal winner of the Swiss Championships Lise-Marie Henzelin are slated to be there.

But the Urban Cyclocross is just not a classic Radquerrennen where professionals compete among themselves. The thoroughly mixed field will feature everyone from the international cross specialists to amateurs. Marcel Wildhaber, who is making his comeback just three months after his broken leg, puts it this way: “The result to me is not in the foreground, but rather the mood and the coming together of the Swiss ‘cross family. It is a festival of modern Radquersports! ”

Successfully Started Qualifications

On Easter Saturday qualifications started for the coveted seats (18 women and 64 men). Until Thursday, the first Fixplätze can be earned. The other qualifying stages take place on Friday evening and on Saturday afternoon at Urban Bike Festival.

The first edition of the Urban Bike Festival takes place right in the trendy Zurich-West – where old hits the new. The diverse and extensive program includes Velo-Expo, Velo tests, pump track, Mini Drome, wheel races for children, shows and parties.

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