Between running around CrossVegas to capture all of the action, dashing from one end of the Interbike trade show floor to the other to get the latest news in the name of gravel and cyclocross, and even trying out a few products at Outdoor Demo, we build up quite an appetite. Today, we’ve gathered a roundup of some of the latest food products we’ve tried that could make its way into your next pre-ride routine or gravel event.

Rip van Wafel

Stroopwafel is a Dutch treat that is occasionally found here in the US, but the Rip ‘van Wafels originated in a dorm room at Brown University in 2009,  as a product of Rip Pruiskin’s desire to bring a better Stoopwafel to America. He wanted to make the treat better than in his hometown of Amsterdam with an American sensibility. Made of natural ingredients, this delicious wafel of ’cross crazed Netherlands is one of our favorites. More info:

Clif Bar Organic Energy Food

Clif Bar nutrition products are from a privately owned company that has been a major player in the energy bar business since beginning twenty-five years ago.  Clif Bar has continued to mature and innovate, creating interesting products. One of the most talked about is the new line of Clif Organic Energy Food.  Much like the baby food you see in squeeze tubes, but taken one step further: natural, organic ingredients in innovative flavors and with nutrition appropriate for the athlete. Pocketable, portable and re-sealable.

Most intriguing is the Pizza Margherita flavor which has the texture and taste of tomato basil bisque. We thought it delicious, and quite different than other pre-packaged energy foods.  The Sweet Potato with sea salt, and banana with mango and coconut were more familiar.  All were delicious, although you have to get used to the texture of pureed foods. More info:

Compete Energy Bites

Compete Energy Bites are made in San Antonio, Texas, by a private company called Mission Pharmacal. The Compete energy bite has 135mg of caffeine in each fudge-like energy chew. That’s more than an 8 ounce cup of coffee, which will be loved by those who don’t like filling themselves with plenty of liquids before a race. More info:

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Food at Interbike 2015. © Clifford Lee / Cyclocross Magazine

A cyclocross tradition now brought to the United States. © Clifford Lee / Cyclocross Magazine

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