Although we have the most experience with Serfas’ lights, in order to brighten up our roads on the way home from a Wednesday Night Worlds practice, the company has one of the most diverse lines, with their pumps, eye wear, tires and saddles being sold in many bike shops around the country.

At Interbike 2015, Serfas continued the tradition of the expansive range of goods by showing us the latest in lights and performance sunglasses to the company’s latest venture in the tubeless market.

The Serfas Orion Blast headlight is claimed to last 28 hours on the lowest flash mode, but if you can’t keep track of the time, not to worry; the light signals a short alert to make the rider aware of a low battery. The light weighs in at 55g, and ranges anywhere from 300 Lumens to 60 Lumens after toggling the settings. The price is $90 and the light is USB rechargeable.

For tubeless lovers, Serfas has created a water-based tubeless sealant that they were putting to the test with one of the company’s tires. When we walked by, over 89 people poked the tire with a nail and it was still holding pressure. Serfas calls the system the Tire Medic kits, which will plug holes up to 1/4 inch in diameter. A kit with rim tape, valves and sealant costs $60.

Serfas is also looking into expanding the off-road shoe line with the Mountain Switchback Buckle, which has a dual density sole and is the first buckle retention system from the company in the off-road line. The model will be priced at $100, and come in the following sizes: 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48.

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Serfas at Interbike 2015. Photo courtesy of Serfas

Serfas not only lights up the night, but sounds off darkness with an alert for a low charge. Photo courtesy of Serfas

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