With most companies bringing along their gravel models for the first time in 2015, Norco now looks like a forward thinking bike company as it showcased an extensive lineup of gravel bikes at Interbike 2014. For 2015, the cyclocross-oriented Threshold and the gravel-oriented Search were displayed in equal measures.

Two years ago, we reviewed the Norco Threshold cyclocross bike for Issue 23, which we found to be a power-transmitting race rig with a stealthy color scheme to match. Judging by the latest paint jobs, it appears that Norco was looking to take the exact opposite approach with a loud scheme that makes a presence felt.

As with 2014, the differences between the Search gravel frames and Threshold cyclocross frames are readily apparent, with the Search offering a sloping top tube and a much lower bottom bracket made obvious by the angled chainstays of the gravel bike.

Need both? If you’re in that fortunate position, Norco doesn’t make things difficult for wheel selection, and offers a front 15mm thru axle and 142/12 rear on both its gravel and cyclocross bikes.

The Threshold SL Force CX1 and Threshold C Rival were both on display at Interbike 2015, priced at $5125 and $2725, respectively. The carbon gravel model, the Search Ultegra, is priced at $3450.

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Norco Cyclcoross Bikes at Interbike 2015 © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Norco’s Threshold SL Force CX1 at Interbike 2015 © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

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