We just wrapped up our latest ultra-scientific poll, a timely one on reader’s shopping plans. Despite tough times, many of you seem to be fairing okay. A whopping one in three of you plan to have a new ride by next season, and another nearly 40% plan to upgrade to new race wheels or new parts. Wow.

If that means it’s also time to get rid of your old well-used gear or pick up some (“gently used” “never seen dirt”) gear, take advantage of our free classifieds section in our cowbell community forums, where many of our readers have been buying and selling gear without commissions or fees. Your used gear may even give a cash-strapped racer an unexpected chance to upgrade on the cheap.

And just as one poll closes, another takes its place. As always it’s anonymous, and this one helps us provide better data for advertisers potential advertisers and keep CXM’s moving forward. Guestimate your budget for ‘cross gear (including bikes, wheels, tires, clothing, helmet, shoes, etc.)  in our poll to the right. Scary how it adds up, huh?