Some spectators might have a difficult time defining what kind of race the Vermont Overland Grand Prix exactly is. It’s kind of a gravel race, but there isn’t exactly a lot of gravel. It’s kind of a road race, but a large part of the course takes place on roads that would destroy the suspension of your average sedan.

The promoters of the Overland have a perfect explanation for the terrain: it’s “Vermont pavé,” they proudly advertise, which seems to mean long stretches of roads that have fallen into complete disrepair. If you keep pestering them for the race genre, they will tell you that the Vermont Overland race is, well, an over-the-land adventure race.

Gabby Day at GvA Essen. © Bart Hazen

Gabby Durrin, shown here at Essen, was able to pull of a great win at the Vermont Overland. Bart Hazen.

The weekend began with Al Donahue of Cycle-Smart and new cyclocross powerhouse Elle Anderson leading a casual group ride, and was followed Sunday by a 51 mile, 90% dirt road race where cyclocross bikes were the recommended tools of the trade.

The Neon Velo Cycling Team already posted two impressive results early in its formation. Gabby Durrin of the new and already famous husband and wife cyclocross team was able to pull off the win at just over three hours, leading second place Elle Anderson by nearly five minutes. Marti Shea (Destination Cycling) rounded off the podium at 3:15 and the up-and-coming cyclocross star Ellen Noble, now riding for the Jam Fund/NCC, took fourth.

Anthony Clark (Jam Fund/NCC) inched away from Derrick St. John (Silber Pro Cycling) at the line, with both men finishing at 2:42:27. Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo Cycling Team) finished third at 2:45:05. Cyclocross notables Tim Johnson (Cannondale / Cyclocross World) and Alec Donahue (Jam Fund/NCC) also competed, finishing in the top ten.

Other notable cyclocross mentions include Brittlee Bowman and Dan Chabanov, both who have raced cyclocross for House Industries/Richard Sachs, and crossed the line at 12th and 11th, respectively.

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