Wicks takes the win. Cross Crusade #5. © David Roth

Wicks done with the dirt? © David Roth

According to Cyclocross Magazine sources, Kona’s Barry Wicks is hanging up his knobbies this year to pursue some flatter, more paved pastures.

Following his move to the Midwest last fall, mountain bike World Cup contender and perennial cyclocross podium favorite Wicks has been facing increasing difficulty in finding appropriate places to train. The area he moved to, known primarily for its deep dish pizza and tall buildings, lacks the gnarly terrain and punishing hills of his former home of Santa Cruz. To adapt to his new surroundings, Wicks will alter his race calendar, starting a new career in the discipline of time trials.

“There are no hills, there are no rad trails here. I need to race on what I train on, and that’s windy, car-filled, flat streets,” remarked Wicks. “I’m becoming a serious pro at that.”

Kona is scrambling to upgrade their TT model, the only Kona offering in the time trial world, to meet the race needs of a national and world contender. They promise a new model in their 2011 line-up, the Kona Wicked, featuring a team colourway and optional “Wicksnasty” decals.