Don Leet, Sunnyside Sports © Jason Albert

Don Leet, Sunnyside Sports © Jason Albert

Here’s another in our series of articles that dig a little deeper to find the unique and great cyclocross shops out there. We just wrapped up an insane amount of racing and other bike and ‘cross events in Bend, Oregon for the National Championships, so we’re taking the opportunity to highlight Sunnyside Sports, one of the local shops. Look for more of these coming up on a regular basis. For a quick list of excellent resources, visit our Top Shops page. Missed our previous feature on Cyclepath in Portland? Check it out here.

Thanks to Jason Albert for submitting this wonderful photo and audio profile of Don Leet, owner of Sunnyside Sports. As you’ll hear in the interview, Leet’s been racing ‘cross for quite a long time – and isn’t ready to call it quits by a long shot. In fact, he took 11th in last Thursday’s Masters 60-64 National Championship race.

For an indication of just how much Leet loves cycling, look no further than his recent blog entry:

I was overwhelmed at the start of my race today. I had messages from friends as far away as Scotland and I would swear half of the crowd was cheering for me. I literally had tears in my eyes at the start line. That was a new experience. One is supposed to be full of adrenaline, not tears.

Sunnyside Sports is the longest running bike shop in Bend and they certainly hold cyclocross near and dear to their hearts. They carry a line that ranges from mainstream Trek to Orbea, Yeti and Independent Fabrication to meet your riding needs. And, if you live in the area, know that “tune-ups on all Sunnyside bikes, whether purchased in 1972 or 2002, are FREE.” How sweet is that?

Without further ado, on to the slideshow!