Sportique Cyclocross Sports Creams

Sportique Cyclocross Sports Creams

We at Cyclocross Magazine get a few interesting packages at our world headquarters. One that perhaps captured the most curiosity is a box of sports creams from Sportique International for review. With names like “Get Going Cream,” “Hard Day’s Night Foot Cream,” “Road Rash Balm,” “Mother’s Little Helper” and “Century Riding Cream” it’s hard not to be curious as to what’s inside the creatively-named tubes.

Well, after trying some of them over the last few months, we’re ready to say Sportique has got a cyclocrosser’s embrocation and lotion needs fully covered. Have trouble getting out of bed or getting on the bike? Embrocate with some “Get Going Cream.” Need some chamois butter? Try their “Century Riding Cream” and then ride to your race and then enter every category. Feet hurt after running stadiums? Sounds like a “Hard Day’s Night Foot Cream” evening. Take a spill on that dry, loose, late-summer cyclocross practice course? “Road Rash Balm” may help even if it wasn’t really a road that took you down.

Sportique also offers product to keep you ready for the next race, with shaving oils and massage creams and butters. Stuff your bag with these, bring along a masseur, and feel like a pro, even if it’s only skin deep.

In testing, their “Get Going Cream” proved to be a mildly-scented and mildly-warm embrocation that was suitable for both warm days and cool mornings. The massage oil worked as well as any other we’ve tried (but was not tested by professional masseuses, only significant others and our own grimy hands). Sportique’s shaving oils were a nice way to shave without wasting extra water by keeping the shower running, and the “Century Riding Cream” did its job of keeping friction and bacteria down (but did not provide century-riding fitness). This chamois lubricant is a fine choice for regular chamois cream users, but may persist longer than occasional users may like. While it did not damage any chamois, after a single machine wash, the chamois still some retained some of the cream’s lubrication in our tests.

Sportique boasts that their products use only natural ingredients, without sulfate derivatives, preservatives, PPG, DEA, or animal byproducts and are designed to protect all common cycling fabrics, and more importantly, humans.

The pictured products range from $11.95-$24.95. For more info:

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