Press Release as Follows:

The weekend was a hot and dry making for a dirty and dusty weekend of racing. Alec Donahue traveled down with the JAM Fund/ NCC Cycling Team and won both days racing in the Masters 35+ field. Alec is the Verge Series Leader for the Masters 35+. Stephen Hyde raced to a seventh and a ninth place finish, Anthony Clark raced to a sixteenth and a fourteenth place finish, Jeremy Durrin finished in sixth place on day two, and Scott Smith raced to a fortieth and twenty sixth-place finish in the UCI Elite Men’s race.

Hyde making his presence felt in Gloucester. © Andrew Reimann

Hyde making his presence felt in Gloucester. © Andrew Reimann

Ellen Noble raced the first day of Gloucester in the UCI Women’s race finishing in sixth place, and won the U23 on Day one! Christina Birch also raced day one of Gloucester and finished twenty-first. Gabby Durrin raced to third place on Saturday. Victoria Gates finished twenty-sixth and twenty-fifth. Rebecca Fahringer won the Women’s Cat 3 race on Saturday and finished thirty-second in the UCI Elite Women’s race on Sunday. Willem Boersma finished sixth and fifth. Jim McDevitt raced the Masters +35 Cat 4/5 and finished thirty-seventh and forty-third. Case Butler raced the Men’s Cat 3 field and finished sixth on Saturday and won on Sunday!

Alec Donahue coaches Stephen, Anthony, Jeremy, Scott, Ellen, Christina, Gabby, Victoria, Rebecca and Case. Michele Smith raced Midnight Ride of Cyclocross, in Lancaster MA. Michele raced the Women’s Singlespeed field and finished second. Michele also raced Gloucester in the UCI Elite Women’s field and finished fortieth and thirty-seventy. Matthew Erchull raced the Masters field at Gloucester and finished fourteenth and eighth. Jacob Fetty coaches Michele and Matthew. Jack Tickle raced on Saturday in the Masters 55+ and finished thirtieth. Lesli Cohan raced the Women’s Cat 4 race on Saturday and finished in sixty-fifth. Shaun Adamson coaches Jack and Lesli.

Jordan Lewis, racing for the Cycle-Smart Elite Team, won the Pro ½ field at MSG Series #1 and #2 in Unicoi, TN. Adam Myeson Coaches Jordan. John Ehrlinger raced the P/1/2/3 field at NEOCX Edge of the World Cyclocross Spectacular in Cleveland, OH and finished twenty-first. Rhys May raced the Elite Women’s P/1/2/3 field at Elks-Aidemore Cyclocross #1 and #2, part of the Georgia Cyclocross Series, in Atlanta GA. Rhys finished in eighth and fifth.

Jenni Gaertner won the inaugural CDA Downtown CritFest racing the Women ½ field and took third overall in the field of Men 40+ 1/2/3s. Jacob Fetty coaches Rhys and Jenni. Paul-Brian McInerney finished fifth in the Men’s Cat 3 field at the Chicago Cross Cup Race #1, Caldwell Woods, in Chicago, IL. Shaun Adamson coaches Paul-Brian. Samantha Brode raced the Women’s P/1/2/3 NeoCx Edge of the World Spectacular and finished second. Samantha also won the OVCX Ceaser’s Ford Women’s Elite 35+. Shawn Adams coaches Samantha.