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Heading to Vegas? Have a Singlespeed? CrossVegas Promoters have just released the following press release that should excite your gearless steed.

Raleigh Single Speed Challenge Joins Wheelers & Dealers Lineup

Shiftless cyclocrossers now have a category especially for them! Joining the lineup of the Bicycling Magazine Wheelers & Dealers Race is the Raleigh Single Speed Challenge, thanks to official bicycle sponsor Raleigh.

The addition of the single speed category to the bicycle industry “race for bragging rights” is a great way to honor Raleigh’s role in supporting the Single Speed World Championships scheduled October 24th in Seattle (see for more info).

Registration for all categories opens NOON Eastern Time on Monday, August 16 on the website Complete details including license requirement are available on the site.

The Wheelers & Dealers race is the first event in a great evening of racing at CrossVegas on Wednesday, September 22nd starting at 7:00 pm. The Elite Women race at 8:00 pm followed by the Elite Men at 9:00 pm.