Emma White brings us our thirteenth entry in our rider diary series from the USA Cycling Cyclocross Development Camp.

White is a well-known name to American cyclocross fans as a three time Junior Women’s National Champion and victories at the NBX Grand Prix of Cross, the Cycle-Smart International and both days at Charm City this year. White is currently wrapping up her trip to cross camp and rode to 13th place at Azencross this morning.

Here she shares what it’s like to stay after it even when legs are tired and the trip home is on the horizon.

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by Emma White

Monday was all about two things: Recovery and Preparation. Preparation not only for the race tomorrow, but for most of us, flying home on Wednesday.

When I woke up this morning, my legs were begging me to take it easy today. They constantly remind me of everything I asked them to do for the past two days.

The World Cup at Zolder was nothing but demanding, particularly the section with two very steep sand run ups followed by an even longer and steeper hill. That alone, could have done my legs in for a weekend, but I know this is why I am over here. To ask more of myself than I ever have and to gain more experience than I’d ever be able to in America. So again, I gave it everything at the Diegem Superprestige on Sunday. Although I can not say I was ecstatic about my results, I learned so much and for that, it was a successful weekend.

Emma White on course at Zolder. © Bart Hazen

Emma White on course at Zolder. © Bart Hazen

I was not the only one that was feeling the effects of the races, so everyone was in the same boat with a recovery ride. Some did different routes than others, or went a little longer, so we all split up into smaller groups. Some even stopped in town at the famous Café Mundo for some post-ride coffee! No matter what everyone decided to do, everyone can agree it was a low-key day.

At the same time, we were all busy turning things around to be ready for the Bpost race tomorrow, Loenhout. All of us riders were running load after load of laundry, doing lots of stretching, Norma-tech recovery mode on repeat and taking naps to rest up for the big day ahead. Meanwhile, the mechanics were making sure all bikes were in top-notch condition and ready to go.

The trip is slowly wrapping up, and it was everything I hoped it would be. This is my second trip racing cyclocross in Europe, and with each race, it feels completely different.  I am thrilled with the amount of experience I have gained, and am still gaining. On top of that, I have had such a good time with the group that’s over here. I am particularly lucky to have my brother, Curtis, on this trip! Having a little piece of family with you over the Holiday’s makes all the difference.

When I step back and look at the opportunities that we have been presented with, I truly could not be more thankful. USA Cycling has continuously given me the tools I need to make it somewhere in doing what I love.  I can’t thank my team p/b Cannondale, Geoff Proctor and the whole USAC clan enough for supporting me.

I really could not ask for better preparation for Nationals in Asheville, NC and for the World Championships in Zolder next month!

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