The first bike on the auction block.

The first bike on the auction block.

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA – In 2010, crankbrothers set out to make a difference. Inspired by Hans Rey and his determination to give back to the sport that has done so much for him, crankbrothers created the dreambikes program. With the help of a number of partners, crankbrothers created ten beautiful mountain bikes that any of us would create in our dreams – the best products, coordinating colors, impeccable quality. At the end of the season, these bikes were auctioned to raise money for Wheels 4 Life, a charity created by Hans Rey that donates bicycles to people in Third World countries. These bikes are used for transportation to work, to school, or to receive health care. For these people, the gift of a bicycle is life changing.

The 2010 dreambikes auction raised $42,645 for Wheels 4 Life, or enough to buy over 400 bikes. This year, we want to do even more. Introducing the 2012 crankbrothers dreambikes …

dreambikes / The dreambikes started as a way for crankbrothers to display our complete range of products. These products, coupled with an amazing frame and other beautiful components, result in a bike that is truly stunning. This year, we created 14 amazing dreambikes (2 in Europe, 12 in the US). We partnered with frame builders of distinction including Charge, Focus, GT, Ibis, Rotwild, SCOTT, Tomac, and Turner, as well as SRAM, RockShox, Avid, fizik, and Continental Tires. With the combination of these spectacular brands, the dreambikes become true works of art. View the complete collection of dreambikes.

dreambikes auction / Each of the dreambikes will be auctioned over the next few months, and 100% of the proceeds will go to supporting Wheels 4 Life. We have the goal of raising $50,000 with the dreambikes, or enough to buy 500 life-changing bikes for people in need. Already, weʼve auctioned two bikes in Europe (Focus Project 1.0, Rotwild R.X2) and two in the US (Ibis Mojo HD, Ibis Tranny), raising a total of $16,027. This is enough to purchase 160 bikes for Wheels 4 Life.

A new auction will start every Monday, leading up to the Sea Otter Classic, where the final bike will be raffled. A complete auction schedule is provided on the following page. The auction for an incredible SCOTT Genius LT is currently live, but time is running out! The auction closes Thursday (1/12/12) at 10:00PM PST.

wheels 4 life / Since its founding in 2005, Wheels 4 Life has provided more than 3,000 bicycles to people in more than 20 countries, including Afghanistan, Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Wheels 4 Life is a non-profit organization founded by legendary mountain biker, Hans Rey. Rey and his all-volunteer team have made it their mission to deliver bikes to remote towns and villages in Africa, Central America, and Asia. In these regions, bikes provide much-needed transportation to schools, work, clinics, and hospitals, which are often more than 20 miles away. As Rey describes, “A bicycle in the hands of the right person can work miracles. If you consider that one-sixth of the worldʼs population lives in poverty, a bike can make all the difference in whether a person gets access to education and healthcare.” Learn more here.

We hope youʼll join us in promoting the auction and supporting this amazing charity. A bike that can change lives … That truly is a dreambike.