A day trip to see China's Great Wall is mandatory when traveling this far. © Cyclocross Magazine

A day trip to see the biggest cyclocross barrier ever is mandatory when traveling this far. © Cyclocross Magazine

Almost a year ago, we received an email from China that we were tempted to mark as spam. But we and a few dozen of cyclocross racers are sure glad we didn’t, as it detailed plans for China’s first UCI cyclocross race, and a call for racer applications.

In the interest of helping the sport expand its borders, we helped the promoter solicit racer applications for a paid trip to race the event, and this year, although quite last minute, the 2014 event is official as a C1 event, and will be held on August 30, 2014 outside Beijing, China. We’re assisting the promoter again in soliciting applications for a trip to race the C1 event in China via the form below.

A few things have changed from last year, including more UCI points, all-expenses are paid once you arrive but flights are reimbursed via a stipend, there’s an extra amateur race two days later, and the date no longer conflicts with Cross Vegas.

Last year’s C2 event in China was won by Thijs Al, with American Justin Lindine in third, with Denmark’s Margriet Kloppenburg taking China’s first women’s cyclocross race. This year, with UCI C1 points on the line, should boast an even deeper field, and one of the US’ top racers, Ryan Trebon, is on the list (racing for Portland Bicycle Studio and teaming up with Molly Cameron). Switzerland’s mountain bike star, Wildhaber, is also on the list. 

2013 Qiansen Trophy UCI C2 Cyclocross Event. © Cyclocross Magazine

2013 Qiansen Trophy UCI C2 Cyclocross Event. © Cyclocross Magazine

Update: The promoter has said for top-level (highly-ranked UCI) racers, he’ll cover expenses and possibly offer start money. 

Not sure what you’re in for? See our men’s photo gallery and women’s photo gallery from the 2013 race, or better yet, grab a copy of Issue 23 for our feature story (see a preview here) on the adventure of traveling and experiencing the cyclocross race in China.

Time is tight due to the paperwork (especially travel visas) involved, so fill out the form below right away if you’re a UCI-level racer and want a chance to compete in China’s first-ever C1 event.

The technical race guide can be found here: Yanqing CX Technical Guide

If chosen, riders will receive:

  • Flight reimbursement of at least 450 Euro, full reimbursement possible with participation in the September 1 races (see below)
  • Hotel Accommodation during your stay
  • Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided during your stay
  • A shuttle pick-up from Beijing airport to the hotel and a return service will be provided
  • Class 1 prize money will be tripled for Men Elite and Women as per regular UCI financial obligations
  • Per 2 riders, one staff member may be allowed
  • Travel to and entry in an amateur September 1 mountain bike race or road race (required, no prize money and cyclocross bikes will be permitted)