Emma White dominates the 15-16 Junior Women's field despite some early tumbles. © Cyclocross Magazine

Here, Emma White dominates the 15-16 Junior Women's field despite some early tumbles. © Cyclocross Magazine

Emma White has taken junior women’s cyclocross by storm in the past few years, most recently taking the 15-16 National Champion title while riding through almost all of the 17-18 year old field. Emma has it hard — too young to race in the UCI races, she’s relegated to fighting for control of the 3/4 women’s races, and terrorizing the newbie women as she races through them almost effortlessly. We couldn’t wait to hear her plans for the upcoming season!

Cyclocross Magazine: Who are you racing for this fall; what bike will you race on?

Emma White: I will be racing for this fall with a Cannondale superX.

CXM: How much time do you spend on your cyclocross bike in the off-season?

EW: Right now, I’m recovering from the road season. I like to ride for fun with my little brother occasionally but I haven’t started a solid training plan yet. August 15th is when I start.

CXM: How long have you been racing?

EW: I will be going into my sixth year racing.

CXM: How did you get into cyclocross?

EW: We started racing road and one year at the Concord Crit, we met Tom Manion. He told us how great cyclocross was, and my brother started that fall and I followed in his footsteps.

CXM: Best part of cyclocross for you?

EW: The best part of cyclocross for me are the families involved in the sport. We have met some extraordinary people.

CXM: Proudest cyclocross moment?

EW: The proudest cyclocross moment I have had was winning the National Championships for the second year in a row. I was psyched.

CXM: Favorite thing to do after a race?

EW: After a race, I like to hug my family and my competition. Then I quickly get changed to watch the next race!

CXM:What’s your best advice for new racers?

EW: Have lots and lots of fun. Know that when it hurts, it hurts for everyone.

CXM: Where would you like to see the sport go?

EW: I would like to see the sport grow for women and see more opportunities for racing internationally.

CXM: What’s unique about racing in New England?

EW: I think that the conditions in New England are like no other! Also, the series of races every weekend is a great way to train and enjoy cyclocross.

CXM: Is cyclocross your main focus?

EW: Yes, I love the sport and I get very excited when fall approaches. However, I race road in the spring and that’s a lot of fun as well.

CXM:  Do you have another job?

EW: No. With school, bikes, and horses, I don’t have much extra time.

CXM: Best pre-race song to listen to?

EW: Hmm … That’s a tricky one. I don’t really listen to music before a race other than in the car, which is not always my decision. But before a race, I like warming up while watching the races. It really gets me pumped.

CXM:  Little known fact about you?

EW: My favorite food is watermelon and I have a gigantic lazy cat named Jack who is my best friend.

CXM: Most embarrassing bike moment?

EW: A couple years ago at my first ’cross race of the season, I rode right into a tree after the first corner. To make it worse, it was my birthday and my parents gave me the choice to see a Bruce Springsteen concert or race. I chose to race, and the rest is history …

CXM: What’s your ideal course?

EW: My ideal course is very technical and muddy, a course where Richard Fries is announcing!

CXM: Best pre and post race food?

EW: The night before a race, I usually eat a big pasta meal with chicken and veggies and then pancakes the next morning. After a race, I like to eat a peanut butter sandwich to hold me over until dinner! It really depends on when I race.

CXM: How is off-season? Riding (bikes or horses) much?

EW: Off-season is relaxing! I’m enjoying riding my bike and horse. I’m also recovering from a crash in the Tour of Rimouski, but it’s not keeping me away from the bike!

CXM: What’s your season going to look like this year? Still New England and then Nationals?

EW: Yes, the Verge series and Shimano series are a definite! I’m super excited for Nationals in Wisconsin again, too! I may also go to Louisville for the USGP.