Updated: See the report and photos from Charm City Cross Day 1

BALTIMORE, MD—Kaitie Keough mastered the giant 21-stair flyover and climbed to victory on Day 1 of the 2017 Charm City CX.

After tight, pack racing at the 2017 KMC Cross Fest, the racing in Baltimore broke apart earlier and by the third lap, it was a two-woman time trial up front with Kaitie Keough and Emma White of Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld with Ellen Noble (Aspire) giving a solo chase.

Brief 2017 Charm City CX Elite Women’s results below. Stay tuned for full results and a full report.

Women's Results - 2017 Charm City Cross Day 1

11KEOUGHKaitlinCannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com44:2744:27
25WHITEEmmaCannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com44:52:25
32NOBLEEllenAspire Racing45:14:47
47ANTHONYCrystalMaxxis Shimano Pro Cyclocross45:21:54
56FAHRINGERRebeccaStan's NoTubes p/b Maxxis / gof45:3601:09
63MANICarolineVan Dessel Factory Racing
78KEMMERERArleyFearless Femme Racing46:3202:05
812ARENSMANHannahJ.A King p/b BRC46:4602:19
926WILLIAMSLilyPony Shop CX Team46:5402:27
1013CUMMINGKathrynJalapeno Cycling46:5902:32
114ROCHETTEMaghalieCLIF Pro Team47:0502:38
129MAXIMENKOCassandraVanDessel/Atom Composite Wheels47:1202:45
1311MALIKJenniferAmerican Classic Pro CX47:1902:52
1421BARBOSSAStaceyMidAtlantic Colavita Women's Te47:2402:57
1515VAN GILDERLauraMellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers p/48:3004:03
1619SHIELDSEmilyKen's Bike Shop48:3704:10
1734GOULDGeorgiaBoo Bicycles48:4204:15
1814WINBERRYLauraSpeedvagen Family Racing49:0404:37
2023RUBINORachelFearless Femme Racing49:13s.t.
2118PATTONGrayFreddie Fu Cycling Team49:3905:12
2245SCHMITZAvanellXXCX p/b Starlight Apparel49:4005:13
2335SHELDONLibbeyCrosshairs Cycling49:4605:19
2422ORTONBeth AnnTeam S&M CX49:5705:30
2525TAPIASNatalieJAM / NCC50:0705:40
2624DORINZINicolePro Mountain Outfitters50:1305:46
2720GILLIGANDanaGarneau-Easton p/b Transitions 50:4406:17
2838TALLEY MEADKarenSEAVS/Haymarket50:5806:31
2910GROSSRebeccaZero D Racing51:0806:41
3036MALARSKIAnyaTransitions LifeCare p/b Easton51:1206:45
3132LUPIENLeslieTeam Averica51:2206:55
3230ZAVETAEricaCylance Pro Cycling51:4307:16
3331FACCONEErinTeam Averica51:4907:22
3444KULIECZAJulieAll-City | Black Hand52:3708:10
3546BRODESamanthaFreddie Fu Cycling Team52:5508:28
3633CAMPBELLFORTEAlexandraVanderkitten Entourage Racing
3837MUDGETarynFearless Femme Racing
4016KELLYSiobhanTo Wheels Epic Sports Performan
4141REINKORDTElisabethTeam Laser Cats/Laser Cats Feli
4239MARIONPhiliciaAmerican Classic Pro Cyclocross
4343MONTGOMERYKelliStage 1
4440FESTALaurenRare Disease Cycling / Keswick
17ARENSMANAllisonJ.A. King p/b BRC