Challenge announces the opening of CHALLENGE North America, its newly established subsidiary in the United States. Challenge N.A. will have the purpose of better serving our North American customers and be a domestic entity for many to refer to.

Starting June 11th 2012, the newly established Challenge North America has hired Stefano Lumbaca as its Managing Director,  joining Bill Marshall responsible Marketing  and Promotions NA.

Stefano will be responsible for overall Marketing as well as RP and OE Sales in North America. He will also be contributing in a variety of other ways such as having Product Development input as well as having the General Management of the North American operation.

Stefano comes to Challenge N.A. after six years within Kenda USA, as responsible for Road-Cyclcross Marketing and Product Development.

Prior to that Stefano served as store manager for multiple bike shops including the Trek Store in Columbus Ohio. He also detains a degree in Bicycle Assembling and Repair, and Bicycles Size and Positioning obtained at the Barnett Bicycle Institute.

“I am very pleased to have joined Challenge North America, and I look forward to all of the ‘challenges’ that are coming my way both on a personal and professional level. Challenge is a unique, growing company, with many opportunities and has a long tradition in producing of one of the best tubulars and open tubular in the market today.

I am inspired to be DRIVEN by CHALLENGE!”