Ryan Trebon, shown here taking his first UCI win of 2009 in Granogue. © Anthony Skorochod

by Josh Liberles

It’s been way too long since we’ve had a chance to check in with 2009 USGP overall series winner and former national champ Ryan Trebon. Luckily, I ran into both Trebon and his teammate, Barry Wicks, at the recent Cherry Blossom Classic stage race in The Dalles, Oregon (the two 6′ 5″ riders weren’t tough to pick out). I took advantage of the opportunity to get get the lowdown on Trebon’s end of season European ‘cross campaign and to see how 2010 is shaping up for him thus far.

CXM: What did you think of the Cherry Blossom? Why did you decide to race it, just good training close to home?

Trebon: The Cherry Blossom Classic was an awesome race. I went because Chad Sperry always puts on great race and I like to try and support the Oregon scene as much as possible. I was hoping for more from the race, but during the second day my neck was killing me. When I crashed in Louisville last year (at the USGP) I compressed two vertebrae in my neck, and sometimes they just like to act up if I sleep weird on it.

CXM: Will we be seeing you at Cascade (in Trebon’s hometown of Bend, Oregon) or any other road events again this year?

Trebon: I am planning on racing the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic and Cascade this year and hopefully Tour of Utah again, along with a handful of just local road races.

CXM: I’ll be looking for your draft in those races, for sure. What about off road, how has your MTB season been going so far? Any big goals?

Trebon: MTB season is going along well. It doesn’t seem like it’s been too busy racing this year. I am really hoping to win Nationals in Colorado this year. The course suits me pretty well and I think my training is progressing nicely, so we shall see.

CXM: Sounds like you’re overcoming any early season speed bumps. I saw you had a DNF at Sea Otter, but haven’t heard anything about it. What happened there?

Trebon: Ah, nothing too fantastic to report there. I just had a head cold heading into the race and was able to fake it during the STXC, but I was in a bad spot during the cross-country.

CXM: Are you gunning for a berth in the next Olympics?

Trebon: No, not especially. My focus is squarely placed on cyclocross for the next few years.

CXM: Good news for us, we look forward to watching what you can do on the ‘cross course! How about Worlds in Louisville, will that change anything about the way you structure your race plans and goals?

Trebon: Sure, Louisville is gonna be a huge opportunity for all of us. I just hope it is the beginning of bigger cyclocross racing in the US and not the climax of it.

CXM: It seemed like you just weren’t your typical, leg-crushing self in Europe at the end of this past season (Hoogerheide and Worlds), and that something was off. Can you comment on your two ‘cross races there?

Trebon: In all honesty, I just basically sucked it up. No specific reason. I just couldn’t seem to make myself suffer enough or take enough risks during the starts and during the race to get the good results I was after. It was very disappointing, but hopefully I learned from all the ass kicking I received.

CXM: Thanks for your time, Ryan. I’m sure I speak for our readers when I say we look forward to watching you unleash an impressive 2010 ‘cross campaign. P.S. I’ll be the guy hiding on your leeward side at Mt Hood and Cascade. Maybe you’ll get the chance to square off against Tim Johnson and his UnitedHealthcare road crew there?