Logan Owen establishes a gap. © Cyclocross Magazine

Logan Owen establishes a gap at USGP Derby City Cup. © Cyclocross Magazine

We’ve profiled Logan Owen many times in the past, even on our Issue 13 cover for the feature: “The Next Nys?” And this year, the 17-18 National Champion hasn’t disappointed, winning every USGP that he’s entered, and even taking a podium spot at the Plzen World Cup. He’s been racing for Redline this season but recently announced that he’d be racing on the road for CalGiant, home of cyclocrossers including Meredith Miller and Cody Kaiser. While we’re hoping he’ll have a banner year on the road, we’re hopeful that this is one racer who won’t forget about cyclocross. After all, this is his year to potentially podium or win at 17-18 World Championships, and next year in the U23 field, he can really test his mettle. We caught up with him between CalGiant team camp and his upcoming trip to EuroCrossCamp – just more proof that Owen can handle balancing the two cycling disciplines!

Cyclocross Magazine: What prompted the switch to CalGiant? What about the team do you like? Do you have any nearby teammates?

Logan Owen: I chose to go with Cal Giant because they have a great atmosphere and I already know some of the guys on the team. They get results and they get these results because of great directing, and I want to be  apart of their future successes in 2013 on the road. I will have one teammate in Washington, Benny Swedberg, who I already know really well.

CXM: What does this mean for cyclocross?

LO: This won’t have any effect on my cyclocross season, as I’m still undecided on who I will be riding with for the 2013/2014 ’cross season.

CXM: Will you race ’cross for CalGiant next year, or can you race for another team?

LO: I’m not sure exactly what my plans are for cycloross next year. I just want to focus on this year and the ultimate goal for this season, Louisville 2013.

CXM: Will you still race Worlds and Nats on Redline (or on a Redline bike?)

LO: Yes, I will still gladly be racing for Redline for the rest of the season, through Worlds.

CXM: What’s coming up for you? Team camp and then EuroCrossCamp?

LO: Yes! I’m headed to the CalGiant mini team camp in the Bay Area. After that, I will fly to Belgium for EuroCrossCamp. My main goal is to get another podium and possibly win at least one of the two world cups we’re doing over in Europe.

CXM: Nationals and Worlds goals for yourself?

LO: Both Nationals and Worlds are big goals of mine for this season, Worlds being the bigger goal of the two. This is my one and possibly only shot to race in a World Championship in the USA, so I am going to make sure I do everything I can to be ready for that one race, and hopefully that will be enough to win on home soil.

CXM: Will you be excited to get to race with the “big guys” next year now that you’re out of the juniors?

LO: This next year I will be racing with CalGiant on the road as a junior but I will be a U23 for ’cross next year. I’m really excited to finally race with the pros for ’cross next year. I want to go out there and show them what I got!