Kabush leading Driscoll before his big attack. file photo © Dejan Smaic /

Kabush leading Driscoll before his big attack. file photo © Dejan Smaic /

For a full-time mountain biker who races just a few times during cyclocross season, Canadian rider Geoff Kabush made waves in the USGP cyclocross series last year. He took second overall in the series, after a strictly-USGP season that landed him on plenty of podiums. Now, he’s been jet-setting around the world racing the mountain bike world cup series in hopes of scoring that spot on the Canadian Olympic team. It’s almost selection time, and Kabush is feeling pretty good.

Cyclocross Magazine: How’s the MTB season been going?

Geoff Kabush: Pretty good. We started pretty early (March) in South Africa, and that one was a little disappointing. But other than that, I’ve had a really good stretch up until the last one in France when I kind of got sick. But that happens sometimes when you’re traveling all over.

CXM: What’s next?

GK: I’m heading to the East Coast and Canada next; I’m starting a five-week road trip again. There are some World Cups on the East Coast.

CXM: So what are your Olympic goals? Are you definitely going?

GK: The Canadian selection kind of sorted itself out. We have to wait for the official announcement though. I’m going there in hopes of competing for a medal. That’s my goal in any race these days; I think that’s the mindset you need to have. I know I can be up there, so that’s what I’m hoping for.

CXM: Have you started to plan your cyclocross season?

GK: I’m definitely going to be racing ’cross this season. We’re just trying to figure it all out now. The only big question is if I’ll keep going for Louisville for Worlds. I’m definitely going to do Canadian Nationals this year.