Earlier this week we showed you Italian component manufacturer Campagnolo’s new Potenza road kit and their new, wider Shamal Ultra C17 wheels.

As we mentioned then, Campagnolo also showed off prototype road disc brakes at their recent press event. The hydraulic brake set-up currently does not bear any groupset branding, and instead features the “Campy Tech Lab” designation. The developmental arm of the company works closely with sponsored athletes to get feedback on product development before any new technology is taken to market.

The hydraulic road disc brakes shown at Campagnolo’s press event represent the company’s entry into the disc brake fray. The models shown included post mount and standard mount options and were compatible with both the company’s mechanical drivetrains and Campagnolo’s EPS electronic kits.

Availability and pricing were, of course, not available, as the Vicenza, Italy based company continues its work on the products. We suspect though that it will be sooner, rather than later that the general public can have the option to purchase disc brakes from Campagnolo as Pro Tour road teams are said to be on the products at this year’s Spring Classics.

See photos of the prototype “Campy Tech Lab” road disc brakes, below.

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Photos courtesy Campagnolo

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