Campagnolo brings its high-end Bora carbon tubular to cyclocross with the CX One ©Campagnolo

Italian component manufacturer Campagnolo used the Taipei Cycling Show in Taiwan to unveil the latest additions to its array of cyclocross-specific components. The company started off by launching its CX Power-Torque compact cranksets and line of cyclocross-branded clincher wheels last September during Interbike. The main difference between these new components and their road-friendly brethren is the addition of extra seals to keep out the muck and the mire.

The company’s announcement is the second announcement of cyclocross-specific components from a major component manufacturer, following Shimano’s announcement of cyclocross-specific cranksets, a front derailleur, and new cantilever brakes.

Now Campy has added a top-shelf carbon tubular offering to the cyclocross lineup with its Bora One CX. Again, protection from the elements is the primary difference in the company’s top wheel offering, and these 50mm deep hoops weigh in at just 1350g for the set.

Also launched in Taipei was the Camapgnolo CX Cantilever brake, available in silver or black.

As we said in September, offering products for cyclocross represents a real reversal for Campagnolo. Until these recent product additions, the company explicitly stated that riding its road components off road would void any warranties. Although ’crossers have been running Campagnolo setups for years, with recent notables including the Sunweb team and Katie Compton (before she switched to SRAM), it was always out of the team’s (or, in Compton’s case, the individual’s) coffers. While cyclocross has always incorporated a hodge-podge of road and MTB bits, and other component manufacturers seemed happy to have their products in new forums, riders running Campy did so at their own risk, with no support.

We’re glad to see the storied manufacturer make add cyclocross options – and you can bet the Campy purists out there will be too. (For info on a great mix-and-match setup, see also our revolutionary Perfect Cyclocross Shift article in Issue 9 and our popular online article on using Campy shifters with Shimano drivetrains.)

From Campagnolo:

The Campagnolo Cantlever CX brake in silver ©Campagnolo

Campagnolo believes in the exciting discipline of cyclocross. The number of enthusiasts of this extremely demanding sport is growing steadily, and that’s why Campagnolo has decided to make an even greater commitment to this speciality.

To effectively confront a CX competition, the preparation and technical skills needed by the athlete are a mixture of those typical of road bike and mountain bike racing. Like the athlete, the wheels and components have to be specially designed to guarantee the maximum performance even under the most extreme conditions.

For 2012 Campagnolo decided to strengthen its offer in this “terrain”, introducing new products designed for those who are dedicated to competition: the new CX cantilever brakes and the Bora One CX full carbon high profile wheels.
The CX range is therefore expanding and, with its products, embraces cyclocross enthusiasts of all levels.

The Campy Tech Lab™ engineers have invested all their in-depth laboratory and field test experience into the new cyclocross range, making the new components more resistant and reliable even in the most extreme climatic and terrain conditions.

Now enthusiasts can give free rein to their passion and confront any terrain and any adversary, with confidence in the performance of Campagnolo Cyclocross products.

The new Campagnolo Bora One CX wheels are dedicated to the most assiduous riders, who confront cyclocross competitions during the winter season.

Thanks to the 50mm profile, Bora CX wheels reduce mud accumulation to the minimum.

Light and reactive, they allow you to be extremely fast on any type of terrain.

The use of a special double seal, specially designed for cyclocross use, protects the wheels from mud and dust, guaranteeing that the performance features are maintained over time.
The Bora CX wheels weigh 1350 grams.

The Campagnolo Cantlever CX brake in silver ©Campagnolo

The new Campagnolo cyclocross cantilever brakes have been specially developed to interact perfectly with the Campagnolo Ergopower 10-speed and 11-speed controls. The form of the brakes is optimized to guarantee the best transfer of braking force from the levers to the wheel and to prevent mud from accumulating between the wheel and the brakes.

The brake pads are adjustable and the distance between breaking pads ranges from 20 mm to 35 mm, which makes it possible to use tires ranging from 19 to 35mm and rims from 19 to 22mm. Cable tension adjustment is fast and precise using a wheel system.

The weight of the CX cantilever brakes is only 138 grams (weight including cables and accessories).