Calder Wood taking the 13-14 win at Nationals. © Mike Albright

Calder Wood taking the 13-14 win at Nationals. © Mike Albright

When a Junior racers is literally blown over on course from gusting winds, you know course conditions are going to be brutal. Such was the case in the 13-14 race, which was started with Calder Wood (Rad Racing NW) taking an early lead and never looking back.

“I led…so I was first in the wind,” he explained, adding that, “It was really hard, especially in the off-camber. I didn’t want to wipe out!”

Behind him though, the 60-man field was quickly whittled down to a lead group of eight racers with a huge separation from the rest of the field. Andrew Schmidt (WCJ Racing), a former Junior National Champion, was also chasing, but was taken out in the first three minutes on the off-camber when a gust of wind caught his wheel and he crashed. He recovered, and worked his way back through from sixth place and into a comfortable third position heading into the last lap of the two lap shortened course race. “I was second in the holeshot, sitting on the leader’s wheel, but then I was coming around the off-camber, a gust caught my wheel and I flipped over. Then I was having trouble remounting because it was so windy!”

Scott Funston (Rad Racing NW) was also in the lead group, sitting in second with Wood a few seconds ahead and Schmidt working furiously to catch up. Behind the lead group of those three, Henry Jones, Ethan Wright, Max Robson, Nolan Stephenson, and Lane Maher chased, though with the gap the three had on them, the chances of catching up were slim.

“We knew it was two laps,” Wood explained, “But we weren’t sure how long it would take because they cut down the course. For a two lap race, it would have been nice to have a steep hill to create a bigger gap.”

Wood came in for the win with Schmidt, after taking a hard pull at the front, chasing right behind. Funston rolled in for third.

Wood was surprised with his win, telling Cyclocross Magazine, “I was going for a top 10, this is my first Nationals. This is my first year cyclocross riding.”

Results below gallery.

Calder Wood Takes Junior Men 13-14 Win at the 2014 National Cyclocross Championships Gallery by Mike Albright


Junior Men 13-14 Results - USA Cycling National Championships of Cyclocross 2014

1220WOODCalderRad Racing NW
2207SCHMIDTAndrewWCJ Racing
3175FUNSTONScottRad Racing NW
4222WRIGHTEthanBoulder Junior Cycling
5211STEPHENSONNolanBoulder Junior Cycling
6203ROBSONMaxBoulder Junior Cycling
7188JONESHenryBend Endurance Academy
8193MAHERLaneTeam Edge
9166BRUNNERNolanBoulder Junior Cycling
10164BOOTSKendrickInternational Christian Cycling
11163BICKMORETorinBoulder Junior Cycling
12161ALLWEINEnzoCincinnati Cyclocross
13183HEMPSTEADPhilipNorthampton Cycling Club
14191KINGBenjaminRad Racing NW
15195MORTONAlexWolverine Sports Club
17168CAMPBELLAlexBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
18194MEYERSLaytonRad Racing NW
20223YACKLEJakeYackle Brothers Racing
21165BROWNSamAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
22186JENKINSNolanFront Rangers Junior Cycling
23185HOWSONOliverBoulder Junior Cycling
24174FRANCISCOThomasRed Zone Cycling
25213VAUGHNDanielCrystal City Cycling
26177GONZALEZJuanBloomington Cycle Racing Team
28162BENDERGideonRad Racing NW
29178GORDONNickMinnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
30206ROSSMilesBoulder Junior Cycling
31197NOELSamOnion River Sports
33204ROCKWOODDylanCincinnati Cyclocross
34201REYNOLDSTylerPella Bike Racing
35198PAWLAKNathanBoulder Junior Cycling
36214WATSONCampbellBoulder Junior Cycling
37169COOPEROwenBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
38210SHEEHANRileyBoulder Junior Cycling
39219WILLIAMSNoahAlexander Dawson School
40212VAILAdamMinnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
41176GATCHLewisCincinnati Cyclocross
42182HARTOliverBoulder Junior Cycling
43218WILLECarsonAlexander Dawson School
44167BUSCHOwenCincinnati Cyclocross
45173FOSTERBrennanRed Zone Cycling
46199PETERSONEthanNorthStar Development
48187JOGODNIKMatthewColavita Racing Inc.
49184HERRMANNColeNorthStar Development
50192KNIGHTBrooksBoulder Junior Cycling
51171DUTCZAKMitchellSouth Chicago Wheelmen
52196MUNIZDonovanAlexander Dawson School
53216WEISGERBERNathanCincinnati Cyclocross
54179GREIGWilliamBoulder Junior Cycling
55215WEISGERBERJosephCincinnati Cyclocross
58205RODRIGUEZJoseBoulder Junior Cycling

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