Spencer Petrov takes the win in the 15-16 race. © Brian Nelson

Spencer Petrov takes the win in the 15-16 race. © Brian Nelson

The course at Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder have officially turned tacky as the Mens 15-16 race just finished.  The racers at the lead of the pack looked almost effortless holding their lines through the sections that haunted riders earlier today.

The Men’s 15-16 race included epic battles for first and third place, with Spencer Petrov (Bob’s Red Mill) taking the win, Gage Hecht (Team Specialized Racing) getting second, and Jordan Lewis (Asheville Racing Bicycle Club) finding third.  The race began with Petrov and Lewis starting strong, creating a two second gap over the rest of the field with powerful sprints.  The followed each other, side by side through the gauntlet of turns on the first lap, forcing each other to take the high and low lines they might not have initially prepared for.

Midway through the race, Petrov put forward a strong effort to send himself in the lead by well over ten seconds.  Meanwhile, the Colorado local, Hecht, managed to invent space on a tight, windy course, passing Lewis for second.  Cameron Beard (Hutch’s/CoMotion/Specialized) was also able to pass Lewis, although the two would find themselves battling for third during the remainder of the race.

On the final lap, Petrov looked over his shoulder a final time before the off-camber sections, only to find Hecht closing in.  By the time he had leaped up the final step to the Belgian staircase, Hecht was already a few steps up.  Petrov gave one final effort on the back section of the course to separate himself once again, this time for good.

Lewis found his grove and began riding with amazing confidence.  He took some of the downhills more aggressively than any racer so far today, taking the riskiest lines with a pose reserved for European Pros.  He remained five seconds back on Beard until the final section.  Beard, seemingly having some problems with his pedals during the race, relinquished his third place finish to Lewis at the final stretch.

Results below gallery.

Petrov Takes Junior 15-16 Win at the 2014 National Cyclocross Championships


Junior Men 15-16 Results - USA Cycling National Championships of Cyclocross 2014

1280PETROVSpencerBob's Red Mill Cyclocross
2268HECHTGageTeam Specialized Racing
3273LEWISJordanAsheville Bicycle Racing Club
4244BEARDCameronHutch's - Specialized - Sl
5289STEPHENSONDenzelBoulder Junior Cycling
6253CLOUSEEvanCanyon Bicycles - Shimano
7250BRUNNEREricBoulder Junior Cycling
8279OWENSMichaelGreen Mountain Bicycle Club
9292TANNERJackBoulder Junior Cycling
10242BAILEYCassidyBoulder Junior Cycling
11246BICKMORECadeBoulder Junior Cycling
12263FREEMANMaxlPrestige Imports/Porsche/Audi R
13294TUCKERJackSDG Felt
14298WHILEYLewisRad Racing NW
15266HALLMaxxVillage-Verdigris Cycling
16270JENKINSNicFront Rangers Junior Cycling
17243BARROWNoahWoodstock Bicycle Club
18245BELLIANCameronBoulder Junior Cycling
19269HEUSERAndyTeam Bicycle Heaven
21236AITTANIEMIRyanCorner Cycle Cycling Club
22241BADERFOURNEYNoahBYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq
23284SCHROEDERJoshuaInternational Christian Cycling
24255COPPOLILLOHenryTeam Rockford / Clif
25297WATKINSBenTeam Soundpony
26286SOTEBEERDrewAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
27264FRITZINGEREdwardPeloton Sports Group
28256DALYMilesCX Nation
29281ROSSZacharyCincinnati Cyclocross
30293THOMPSONJonahHigh Desert Bicycles Team
31291SWARTZCalebBrazen Dropouts
32248BIRDJustinRed Zone Cycling
33287SPENDESamuelISCorp Cycling/NCSF
34282ROSSNathanCincinnati Cyclocross
35261ELZIZachareyBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
36262FLEMINGLukeSugar Cycles Factory Team
37257DE CURNOUJacquesBoulder Junior Cycling
38258DOHERTYJackBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
39296WARNERJackVillage-Verdigris Cycling
40249BIRKYDonovanBend Endurance Academy
41251BUCHANANBraydenRad Racing NW
42275MCBRYDEWillBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
43239ANDREPerrySomerset Wheelmen
44278OLIVERBrennenAlexander Dawson School
45295UTESCHAidanBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
46274MARQUEZAvereyGet Out! New Mexico
47240ARANADiegoBeverly Bike/VeePak
48283SAVAGEMaxwellCincinnati Cyclocross
49267STENSONJackBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
50276MELTONWileyBoulder Junior Cycling
52260EDMUNDSSpencerBoulder Junior Cycling
53252CAMPBELLDevonAlexander Dawson School
54299WINBORNELanceAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
55288STANLEYAlexanderKCOI U20
56277NEWTONNathanInternational Christian Cycling
DNF238ANDERSONJoshuaEssex County Velo

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