If you’re on a tight budget and looking to upgrade with some (better) used gear, we all know eBay, our forums and your local Craigslist are three popular ways to find gear. Now there’s another option.

The beauty of Craigslist is that it’s free, local and transactions can be quick for both parties shipping and transaction costs are eliminated.  The downside is that the market is limited by your geography. Live in an area where ‘cross hasn’t jumped the shark yet? You’re probably going to have to wait a while until your item of desire pops up or the ideal buyer responds.

But there’s an alternative now for determined gear-heads. Looking for that vintage Alan ‘cross frame, green Michelin tire or a singlespeed cyclocross bike and can’t find it in your area?  Now you can search all Craigslist locations at once with

A recent search for “singlespeed cyclocross,” a niche machine for sure, turned up 37 results on (the same search yielded zero results in the Craigslist-loving Bay Area).

This website can be an ideal way outside of eBay to find the rare item you’re looking for. But you can’t expect the seller will always ship, since the attraction of selling on Craigslist is to avoid the hassle of packing and shipping. But if you’ve got to have it, for the right price you just may get lucky.