Brady Kappius looking stoked on the Super Prestige. Cyclocross Magazine

Brady Kappius looking stoked on the new Stevens Super Prestige. © Cyclocross Magazine

For years, Stevens has offered some of the most recognizable bikes on the domestic and international ’cross circuits. For 2013, Stevens will be releasing their first high-end race-ready disc-equipped cyclocross bike. The Super Prestige Disc has taken a few notes from the Stevens Vapor, but still has all of the glitz and glamor of the earlier models of the Super Prestige. This year, U of Colorado MTBer and cyclocrosser Brady Kappius (the man behind Kappius Components) will be happily riding the new bike, and we’re excited to see how his results stack up as the season progresses.

Check out the gallery below to check out the early Stevens Super Prestige Disc model and some of Kappius’ component choices.

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