As we’ve done in the recent past, our Throwback Thursday this week ties into the interview we ran earlier in the day. In this case, we spoke with Brady Kappius of Kappius Components and here we’re taking a look at a series of moves Brady showed off at the Valmont Bike Park at the Colorado University Short Track Series hosted by the Colorado University Buffaloes Cycling Team.

The video documents a contest from last year between Kappius and Mitch Hoke. As posted to YouTube by Dejan Smaic, “Brady Kappius and Mitch Hoke went head to head, wheel to wheel in a wheelie-off during the finale of the CU Short Track Series…. [A]t stake? Pride and a $100 Tokyo Joe’s gift card. The rider with the best wheelie wins….”

Voting and the prize are both long gone. And judging by what we see here, we’d bet Kappius won.

Enjoy the fun-oriented Wheelie Showdown at the Valmont Bike Park Corral: Kappius vs Hoke for this week’s short and sweet Throwback Thursday.

If you’re at work and don’t have headphones, you might turn the sound down.