The new cyclocross and gravel tires keep coming, but the new products aren’t the only news to make the rounds in the tire world. Trek-owned Bontrager and Vittoria have made announcements both companies hope will impact tire sales, with Vittoria lowering prices and Bontrager donating a portion of tire sales to support the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). Details below.

Bontrager Pledges $1 Million to Support NICA

Trek Bicycle announced it is expanding its support of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), pledging more than $1,000,000 in contributions within five years.

Beginning in 2017, Trek will be contributing a dollar for every Bontrager mountain bike tire it sells. Bontrager tire retailers will be given the chance to match these contributions with Trek’s Advocacy Double Down program. Assuming 70% of sales are matched by retailers (similar to Trek’s other charity-based partnerships), that’s estimating 118,000 mountain bike tires sold each year for five straight years to hit the $1 million mark.

This initiative will be in addition to Trek’s existing Platinum-level NICA sponsorship.

NICA is playing a major role in raising the new generation of bike racers.  With over 10,000 participants nationwide, NICA is one of the nation’s fastest growing high school and middle school participation sports. From a total of just 700 athletes across two regions at its founding in 2009, NICA has grown quickly to include programs in 19 leagues across 18 states.

“The goal is to give every American youth the opportunity to build strong body, mind, and character through interscholastic cycling. It’s about so much more than competition and racing. We’re developing the next generation of riders, trail stewards, and cycling advocates while also providing opportunities for adults to serve as mentors in their communities.” –NICA Executive Director Austin McInerny.

“In many ways, the future success of the industry depends on the success of organizations like NICA,” said Trek President John Burke. “I went to a race last year and after being there and seeing the families and the level of excitement, I thought we have to help make this work.”

Vittoria to Lower Prices, Increase Dealer Margins

Vittoria has announced that it has dropped its pricing “across its entire range of tires, while simultaneously increasing margins for dealers.”  The company states that its attempt is to to stabilize pricing and avoid deeply discounted overstock items.

Vittoria Adventure Trail 700 x 38 rubber rolls smoothly and has decent bite in loose corners. ©️ Clifford Lee / Cyclocross Magazine

Vittoria Adventure Trail 700 x 38 rubber rolls smoothly and has decent bite in loose corners, and now should have less of a bite on your wallet. ©️ Clifford Lee / Cyclocross Magazine

The company emphasizes the pricing correction applies to all tires, including cyclocross clinchers and tubulars, and gravel clinchers. “[The new pricing] applies to our entire line of tires, in all categories, and at all price levels,” said EJ Riordan, President of Vittoria Industries North America.  “This is a win for the dealer and the consumer alike.”

The company cites some examples of price drops, and emphasizes they are not simply pre-season promotions but permanent price adjustments:

For instance, the popular Corsa model used to retail for $84.99, but under the new pricing program will hit the shelves at $69.99. Likewise, a Revolution city tire that had retailed for $51.99 will now list at $39.00, all while still increasing dealer margin.

Tires including the new XS cyclocross tubular (when available) and the recently-released tubeless 38c Adventure Trail gravel tire are now expected to have lower prices than we originally published.