Steven Baber makes music with every day items around him, from a bag of Doritos to a wheel’s spoke. He took his love for bicycles and created full songs with just his bicycle, by recording sounds from every component, from presta valves to freehubs. He even went through the effort to tune every spoke so that he could have every note he needed.

It’s not a crazy technique after all, since plucking a spoke and listening to its pitch is a great way to find any loose spokes.

Listen to the NPR All Things Considered report from Saturday, and see his promotional video below (his songs are available only on iTunes).


You can hear more previews of his songs here on SoundCloud or on iTunes, and he has a road and mountain bike-based song. We of course can’t wait to hear the sweeter sounds of a cyclocross bike.


Steven Baber’s (Johnnyrandom) Bespoken music:

[vimeo 83958475 590 332]