Bike racers generally obsess over the latest tech. And helmets have benefited from a quiet revolution in technology. Today’s helmets are lighter, more comfortable and safer. We rounded up a selection of the latest lids in Issue 30, and in true Cyclocross Magazine fashion, looked to see which ones are are best suited for your mixed-terrain racing and adventures.

In part 1 of this on-line feature, we showed you the latest in aero helmets. Here we take a look at some more traditional lids in case you’re wondering what else is out there in terms of helmet options.

by the CXM Test Crew

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Specialized Prevail

The Specialized Prevail is the lightweight champ of the entire group tested, a feathery 246 grams for our size Large helmet. It’s airy, heavily vented, aggressively styled and with its massive Mega Mouthport reminds us of the toothed Air Piranha ridden by Filip Meirhaeghe years ago.

Safety: The Prevails aims to protect your melon through dual density EPS foam and an Aramid-reinforced matrix to both absorb energy on impact and maintain integrity. The lower density foam will be your friend in an impact. Having up to 100 grams less on your head also could help reduce a bit of momentum should you hit your head.

Fit: The fit is literally dialed via the Mindset micro-dial system, which also offers some height adjustment. You’ll probably either love or hate the Tri-Fix straps, which may be loved by shops and lawyers in that they’re idiot proof and will stay below your ears, but they lack adjustment for a custom fit. The Prevail seems better for wider, rounder noggins. The lightweight champ stays in place well though, as there are fewer grams of shaking and rotation when you’re riding the rough stuff.

Heads Up: There are so many vents and surfaces that you’ll want to spend some time cleaning the Prevail after a muddy ride.

Specs: Weight: 246g (Large) // Safety: Dual density EPS, Aramid reinforcing // MSRP: $200 // Sizes: S/M/L // Options: Pro Tour team colors

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