Berden with the new Stoemper rigs, ride number one coming up.

Berden with his new Stoemper rigs back in September, 2011.

Back in 2011, Ben Berden was underway with his first full season of American cyclocross racing. He rode on a purple Stoemper Ronny: an aluminum cyclocross bike manufactured in Springfield, OR. This was before he won Sea Otter in 2012 and signed with Raleigh/Clement soon after.

Flash forward almost four years. The bike is no longer purple, but it looks like it has the same attitude from this facebook post by Stoemper:


Ben Berden is even fitted in a new kit, getting ready for the 2015 Champion System Tokyo Cyclocross Race:

We will fill in the details as they come in. For those unfamiliar with Tokyo Cyclocross, it is a late season event that usually draws in international faces. For comparison, be sure to watch Zach McDonald take the race away last year: