Jeremy Powers, his Rapha-Focus team and the Behind THE Barriers crew head back to Europe for Episode 17, the second to last episode in Behind THE Barriers’ second season. Jeremy is headed to the final World Cup of the season in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands, where he wants to finish the World Cup season strong ahead of the World Championships. The World Cup is also Jeremy’s first chance to wear his new Stars and Stripes Rapha-Focus kit that he earned by winning the U.S. Cyclocross National Championships, as seen in Episode 16. Before it’s time to race, however, Jeremy and the rest of the Rapha-Focus team are in Maldegem, Belgium, which is their home base for their entire European stay. A cast of characters are on hand, including teammate Chris Jones, who, as we’ll find out, is quite the artist with power tools. The episode also explores Jeremy’s love for another spreadable food: mustard. On Sunday, however, its all about the racing, as Jeremy fights with a difficult course to finish off the World Cup series in solid fashion. Finally, Jeremy meets up with some of his most passionate fans, who have been following his career for years.

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