The last race of the 2011 calendar year, and the first race of 2012 took Jeremy and Behind THE Barriers to frozen Chicago for the Chicago Cyclocross Cup New Year’s Resolution. It was the final test of the legs before the National Championships taking place just one week later. Behind THE Barriers’ 15th episode of the season takes a look at both days of racing. Staying warm was the name of the game, and Jeremy, ever the salesman, wants to let you know what’s the best way to stay warm and dry at a cyclocross course. If it weren’t for all the bike racing, Jeremy could have a career lined up in infomercials. Afterward, it’s time to get serious for two days of cold, muddy racing. Fresh off of a long injury layoff, Ryan Trebon storms back onto the scene, and Jeremy does his best to keep up with the flying Oregonian. Earning two hard-fought second places, Jeremy’s off to meet up with his fans and talk to some of the sport’s legends, including Paul Curley, who taught Jeremy a thing or two about racing in Jeremy’s early days. Jeremy finishes up the weekend by discussing the state of American cars and subsequently toying with his dad’s blood pressure.

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