TRP Brakes EuroX Cyclocross Cantilever Brakes

TRP Brakes EuroX Cyclocross Cantilever Brakes

We get a bunch of questions about bike setup and tech via email and our forums. Occasionally we’ll seek out answers direct from the manufacturer. Here’s one question from Dave Hutton we received recently.

I am currently a TRP Brakes EuroX user. I love the performance of the cyclocross brakes but I have a nerve problem in my hand from a neck injury I obtained playing football in high school and suffer from weakness and numbing in my fingers still. At times I find the spring tension of the TRP Brakes EuroX a bit stiff…there is a possible swap I could do with another brand’s springs on my TRPs?

Response from Lance Larrabee of TRP Brakes:

The first production of TRP EuroX brakes introduced in 2007 used a relatively firm return spring.  After listening to feedback from shops, consumers and our sponsored athletes, in early 2008 we made a running change to a slightly softer spring.  The softer return springs gave the brakes a feel at the lever closer to the feel of a road caliper brake.

The two different springs are easy to identify, the firm have three complete coils, while the softer springs have two complete coils.

The springs are interchangeable in all models of EuroX, Alloy, Carbon and Magnesium. Pairs of both the soft (two coils) and firm (three coils) springs are sold separately and are available direct from TRP USA. For more info on the EuroX visit the TRP Brakes website.

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