The beauty of electronic timing, if it works reliably and is implemented well, is near instant results and lap times. The official UCI results for the 2012 UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Koksijde included lap times, and of course we can’t help ourselves but to take a deeper look into them.  We’ve moved the lap times into the sortable table below, and welcome your own analysis in the comments.

After a quick look, a few things jump out to us:

  1. Like Marianne Vos, Albert’s secret was getting out in front, blazing his own path through the sand and leaving everyone else to deal with other riders and traffic. But he clearly had the engine to sustain it, putting in the fastest lap times in an amazing four of the first five laps (and finishing second on the second lap).  Albert’s fastest laps, at 6:29, were the second fastest of the day, bested only by Rob Peeters blazing last lap of 6:26.
  2. Perhaps the most inconsistent rider was Aurelien Duval, who has a disastrous second lap 7:32 but was able to turn that around and clock the the sixth fastest time on lap 6, a 6:36.  Bad luck or a crash early on in the race?
  3. Racers got faster on average as the race progressed, with the first lap jam causing slower lap times. Jonathan Page for example, was pretty consistent with three lap times of 7:02, 7:06, and 6:58, but those times had him fall back, as they were 12th fastest, then 27th fastest, then 22nd fastest. Surely the injuries and illness proved to factors in his result and eventual withdrawal.
  4. Jeremy Powers clearly had an awful first lap with just the 45th best time, and but his last four laps were faster, placing him 24th, 29th, 25th, and 26th.  Surprisingly, the early laps didn’t seem to play a big factor in bringing down his result in that he was placed 26th overall in the end. Of course, a bad start certainly can affect motivation and you don’t have faster riders to follow, so you never know what could have been…
  5. Ryan Trebon was the most consistent of the Americans, and his fast start kept him from traffic problems in the first lap. His lap times varied by only 22 seconds, revealing both good pacing and relatively big mishap-free riding.

What do you notice?  Let us know your thoughts.  Sort and crunch the numbers as you’d see fit.  Enjoy.

2012 Cyclocross World Championships - Elite Men Lap Times

plcnamenatstrtlap 1lap 2lap 3lap 4lap 5lap 6lap 7lapt 8lap 9lap 10total
1ALBERT NielsBEL146:296:406:326:316:296:356:366:356:376:491:06:07
2PEETERS RobBEL146:466:426:406:506:366:316:376:356:346:261:06:31
3PAUWELS KevinBEL146:436:316:416:446:346:416:426:406:356:321:06:37
4MEEUSEN TomBEL146:466:416:406:416:466:326:366:346:326:391:06:41
5AERNOUTS BartBEL146:466:456:376:426:446:326:366:416:356:301:06:42
NOUT Klaas
7NYS SvenBEL146:436:456:386:336:346:416:426:416:467:011:07:18
8SIMUNEK RadomirCZE146:466:496:436:466:496:566:486:486:476:561:08:22
9WALSLEBEN PhilippGER147:066:526:466:486:556:526:456:486:416:451:08:32
10ZAHNER SimonSWI147:026:566:466:536:486:556:446:476:466:471:08:38
11CHAINEL SteveFRA146:567:026:466:536:486:556:436:496:526:461:08:44
12MOUREY FrancisFRA147:066:526:466:536:536:506:456:476:556:541:08:55
13STYBAR ZdenekCZE146:436:516:346:497:026:546:527:017:127:121:09:24
14DUVAL AurelienFRA157:197:326:437:026:446:366:456:597:006:531:09:48
15WUBBEN NielsNET157:326:556:526:556:546:486:566:487:006:531:09:48
17DE KNEGT GerbenNET147:156:536:586:576:526:546:576:557:036:511:09:49
16TARAMARCAZ JulienSWI157:266:596:546:556:496:526:506:557:026:521:09:49
18TREBON RyanUNI147:067:086:526:567:116:566:496:566:587:031:10:09
19MEISEN MarcelGER147:267:017:026:546:546:586:586:576:586:511:10:13
20HERMIDA RAMOS José AntonioSPA157:257:027:016:546:586:516:526:586:586:591:10:13
21VAN DEN BRAND TwanNET147:156:596:526:577:067:036:566:556:577:001:10:14
22GIL MariuszPOL147:067:086:536:566:576:517:117:007:067:071:10:29
23VAN AMERONGEN ThijsNET147:257:007:037:086:546:587:016:587:017:041:10:47
24PFINGSTEN ChristophGER147:066:556:497:067:047:007:027:037:177:411:11:17
25HEULE ChristianSWI147:157:037:027:007:016:527:137:06xxx
28FRANZOI EnricoITA147:187:017:157:027:117:057:15xxxx
27WILDHABER MarcelSWI147:417:147:096:567:067:017:03xxxx
26POWERS JeremyUNI147:427:127:096:587:067:007:03xxxx
31ZLAMALIK MartinCZE157:197:077:077:037:107:197:11xxxx
30POLNICKY JiriCZE157:327:147:067:017:067:067:08xxxx
29GADRET JohnFRA157:357:107:037:027:007:097:07xxxx
36FIELD IanGRE147:337:187:137:077:189:00xxxxx
34JOHNSON TimothyUNI147:297:177:107:057:167:24xxxxx
37DLASK PetrCZE157:257:217:167:147:268:47xxxxx
33KYZIVAT VladimirCZE157:357:157:056:597:057:06xxxxx
39WEBER SaschaGER157:257:217:087:157:338:49xxxxx
32HUENDERS MitchellNET157:147:037:177:077:187:16xxxxx
35SUAREZ FERNANDEZ IsaacSPA157:267:007:087:167:157:24xxxxx
41RUIZ DE LARRINAGA IBANEZ JavierSPA157:377:167:227:167:168:46xxxxx
42DRISCOLL JamesUNI157:497:137:137:167:208:43xxxxx
38BOURGOIN ClémentFRA167:347:157:047:157:328:49xxxxx
40PONTA MarcoITA177:397:137:097:057:338:51xxxxx
45TAKENOUCHI YuJAP157:527:227:337:26xxxxxxx
48BAUSCH GustyLUX157:457:437:427:52xxxxxxx
46DARVELL MagnusSWE157:267:277:357:48xxxxxxx
43JONES ChristopherUNI157:497:227:087:33xxxxxxx
44TABACCHI MirkoITA167:397:227:297:35xxxxxxx
50COMINELLI CristianITA167:527:357:367:56xxxxxxx
49HELMIG ChristianLUX167:537:357:417:50xxxxxxx
47HARING MartinSLO167:577:317:317:43xxxxxxx
51RICHEY CraigCAN167:577:437:43xxxxxxxx
55TSUJIURA KeiichiJAP168:037:578:27xxxxxxxx
52HERNANDEZ GUTIERREZ AitorSPA167:517:577:38xxxxxxxx
54GEISMAYR DanielAUS177:517:587:52xxxxxxxx
53METLICKA VaclavSLO177:587:447:44xxxxxxxx
56GOLLINGER Karl HeinzAUS168:338:33xxxxxxxxx
57RATTRAY LewisAUS178:578:32xxxxxxxxx
58GEHBAUER RobertAUS188:448:50xxxxxxxxx
59QUIST DavidNOR178:55xxxxxxxxxx
OLDHAM PaulGRE158:108:02xxxxxxxxx
PAGE JonathanUNI147:027:066:587:237:32xxxxxx
BOULO MatthieuFRA147:187:016:536:536:586:597:006:56xxx
YILDIRIM HakanTURxxxxxxxxxxxx