The Collegiate Varsity Men and Collegiate Club Men were the third and fourth title races, respectively, of Thursday’s 2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships.

The two races were held at 9:55 a.m. and 10:55 a.m. Thursday morning under overcast skies and temps in the low 40s.

2021 Collegiate Varsity Men Cyclocross National Championship

With two-time Collegiate Varsity winner Caleb Swartz out of school, the rest of the 2019 Collegiate Varsity Men’s podium was due for an upgrade.

Tyler Orschel of Brevard took advantage, and upgraded his 2019 silver medal to gold to take the title.

Scott Funston of Colorado Mesa, winner of the U23 Pan Ams title, did the same, moving up one spot from bronze in 2019 to silver in 2021.

Orschel’s teammate Tyler Clark took bronze.

Full results below.

2021 Collegiate Club Men Cyclocross National Championship

Grant Ellwood returned as a grad student to claim the 2021 Collegiate Club Men’s Cyclocross National Championship after winning the title in 2018 in Louisville.

Ellwood kept the title within the Colorado – Boulder walls, after four straight wins from Maxx Chance’s 2016 win in Hartford through Eric Brunner’s win in Lakewood, Washington.

Sam Noel (University of Vermont) moved up from fifth in 2019 to second in 2021, with Tommy Servetas in third.

Full results below:

2021 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals, Cantigny Park, DuPage County Results: Collegiate Varsity Men

1208Tyler ORSCHELBrevard College53:58:007
2213Scott FUNSTONColorado Mesa University55:24:007
3203Tyler CLARKBrevard College55:46:007
4256Denzel STEPHENSONSCAD Atlanta55:58:007
5211Sindre Hvesser BREINColorado Mesa University56:04:007
6218Sam BROWNFort Lewis College56:14:007
7249Brody MCDONALDMilligan University56:37:007
8226Ian MCDONALDLees-McRae College56:47:007
9228Andrew STROHMEYERLees-McRae College57:12:007
10222Guy LESHEMFort Lewis College57:12:007
11210Oliver BOYDColorado Mesa University57:26:007
13202Owen CLARKBrevard College58:16:007
14216Tydeman NEWMANColorado Mesa University58:16:007
15207Tyler MIRANDABrevard College58:39:007
16247Isaac BRYANTMilligan University58:41:007
17227Michael STOCKERLees-McRae College58:56:007
18220Alex GREENFort Lewis College58:58:007
19232Thomas FULLERLindenwood University58:59:007
20252Andrew SPARKSSavannah College of Art and Design- Savannah59:08:007
21230Shay WRIGHTLees-McRae College59:10:007
22219Cobe FREEBURNFort Lewis College59:41:007
26209Dylan RICHARDSONBrevard College1:00:197
27212Luke ELPHINGSTONEColorado Mesa University1:00:287
28254Jacob MORALESSCAD Atlanta1:00:467
29223George PIEPGRASFort Lewis College1:00:537
31206Ryan JOHNSONBrevard College52:08:006
32205Philip FORDBrevard College52:13:006
33221Kobi GYETVANFort Lewis College52:39:006
34248Elijah JOHNSONMilligan University52:39:006
35217Peyton WILKERSONColorado Mesa University52:50:006
36233Dillon GEARYLindenwood University53:13:006
37231Joshua FITZGERALDLindenwood University44:46:005
38236Malaki CALDWELLLindsey Wilson College44:56:005
39255Georwill PEREZSCAD Atlanta44:57:005
40204Dalton COLLINSBrevard College44:58:005
41250Adin PAPELLMilligan University45:20:005
42214Henry MCALVANAHColorado Mesa University45:25:005
44251William SEITZMilligan University45:37:005
45225David KAHNLees-McRae College46:07:005
46229Grayson WICKELLees-McRae College36:50:004
47237Matthias HERRMANNLindsey Wilson College36:56:004
48235Eddie STILLMANLindenwood University38:03:004
49234Owen ROGERSLindenwood University29:54:003
50253Willem KAISERSCAD Atlanta30:11:003
51238Jocob KUPERLindsey Wilson college32:15:003
DNS215Daxton MOCKColorado Mesa University0
DNS224Owen BRENNEMANLees-McRae College0

2021 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals, Cantigny Park, DuPage County Results: Collegiate Club Men

1319Grant ELLWOODUniversity of Colorado - Boulder47:27:006
2316Sam NOELUniversity of Vermont47:29:006
3315Tommy SERVETASUniversity of Massachusetts48:22:006
4311Dillon MCNEILLTrek Cyclocross Collective48:38:006
5305Finnegan OCONNORComp Edge Racing/ University of Massachusetts Amherst49:29:006
6307Patrick FRANKJAM / NCC42:54:005
7318Jon OKENFUSSWUSTL44:08:005
8314Seamus OCONNOR-WALKERUniversity of Iowa44:19:005
9308Berk OZTURKMIT Cycling45:36:005
10312Ethan KRAFFTUniversity of Arizona46:25:005
11317Owen REICHUW-Platteville38:05:004
12309Justin HARDWICKMountainstate Orthopedic Assoc p/b Speed Vision Bikes38:20:004
13304Spencer WEISGRAMArmy West Point Cycling39:23:004
14313John NOONANUniversity of Arizona26:43:003
15303Eric KULKARNIArmy West Point Cycling30:57:003
16306Winston YANHarvard University31:31:003
17302Steven ANDREENArmy West Point Cycling32:08:003
DNS310Calder WOODRouleur Elite Team0

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