Jack Spranger continued his winning ways in Iowa City, taking his second UCI win in as many days at the 2021 Jingle Cross.

Seventh place on Friday, Andrew August, jumped up to second on Day 2.

Ian Ackert, who finished two seconds behind the leader on Friday, finishing third, did the exact same thing on Saturday.

Up next is the UCI Elite Women.

Full results below.

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2021 Jingle Cross Day 2 Results: UCI Junior Men

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit Time
1108Jack SPRANGERBear National / WCX38:41:006:28
2143Andrew AUGUSTCannondale p/b cyclocrossworld38:41:006:28
3109Ian ACKERTHardwood Next Wave38:43:006:05
4100Frank OREILLYFinKraft Cycling Team38:53:006:18
5101Marcis SHELTONBear National / WCX38:55:006:20
6107Magnus WHITEboulder junior cycling38:58:006:19
7128Daniel ENGLISHVoler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster p39:31:006:41
8146Gus BRATETICBe Real Sports40:04:006:55
9110Vaughn VEENENDAALBoulder Junior Cycling40:08:006:34
10127Leif BRYANBoulder Junior Cycling40:11:006:28
11148Evan COLEMANBaltimore Youth Cycling40:14:006:39
12135Adam MOTEGolden Leaf Development41:04:006:56
13133Adrian MAGUNApex Racing41:13:006:48
14140Alexander WOODFORDRide with Rendall41:25:006:51
15138John STANZIONEBoulder Junior Cycling42:07:006:50
16130Aidan KANESACX Junior Devo42:11:006:41
17104Carden KINGBoulder Junior Cycling42:12:006:54
18115Benjamin SWEETHardwood Next Wave42:29:006:59
19105Asa CHILDVelo Childeric42:59:007:28
20106Henry CONAWAYMidwestdevo43:09:007:07
21125Ryan AVERYAP Junior Development p/b Corne43:44:007:14
22139Michael WATKINSBoulder Junior Cycling43:53:007:11
23129Jerome GAUTHIERMiller School of Albemarle44:24:007:34
24147Gavin LOPEZAvout Racing44:56:007:27
25136Adam PTASZEKRbikes45:15:007:17
26142Malachi JACKSONOklahoma Flyers37:45:007:45
27141Nathan ZOLLMANNorthStar Development Cycling38:28:007:42
28145Carmine Robert MILLERA-Team Devo40:00:007:47
DNF114Tanner WESCOTTANTHM Collective7:08
DNF103Beckett TOOLEYLatinis Bicycle Repair7:20
DNF113Phillip EMMERTOPE! Development Racing7:24

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