While we’ve covered the 2021-2022 UCI Cyclocross World Cup Schedule with three U.S. stops, we haven’t yet analyzed the full, recently-released UCI cyclocross race schedule.

While the UCI World Cup has been massively expanded, the overall number of UCI cyclocross races is down greatly.

In 2019/2020, our last pre-pandemic full season, there were 188 UCI cyclocross races. Right now, although the schedule is of course not yet final, there are only 107 events on tap for the 2021/2022 season. That’s down 43%.

JingleCross 2016 Elite Women hit the mud on lap one. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine

JingleCross 2016 Elite Women hit the mud on lap one. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine

In North America, the story is similar. The upcoming season features just 26 races in North America, with 2 in Canada and the rest in the U.S. That’s down 37.5% compared to our last pre-pandemic season, not counting the 2022 World Championships.

Undoubtedly, some promoters are taking a wait-and-see approach to the pandemic and virus, and if their host country or region has COVID-19 under control, they’ll make a bid for a late addition to the calendar. Hopefully most missing races fall into that category, but cyclocross and promoters have not been immune to the toll of the pandemic.

Stephen Hyde and Kerry Werner lead the Men's field out in the first C1 of the season. 2018 Rochester Cyclocross. © Evan Grucela

Stephen Hyde and Kerry Werner lead the Men’s field out in the first C1 of the season. 2018 Rochester Cyclocross. © Evan Grucela

Keen eyes will notice that the UCI calendar also lists the 2021 USA Cycling National Championships in DuPage County, outside Chicago, where it was originally scheduled for 2020, before USA Cycling relocated it to Iowa City and then ultimately canceled the entire event. While Chicago-area racers will rejoice, at the expense of Iowa City racers’ hopes of securing the 2021 event, USA Cycling says the 2021 National Championships are still TBA.

Stay tuned.

2021-2022 UCI Cyclocross Race Calendar: C1, C2, CXNats, World Cups & CXWorlds

Date D/M/YDate End (D/M/Y)NameVenueCountryClassLink
15/08/202115/08/2021New Zealand National ChampionshipsLower Hutt, WellingtonNEW ZEALANDCNMore info
18/09/202118/09/2021Le Grand CXÎle de Loisirs de Jablines-AnnetFRANCEC2More info
18/09/202119/09/2021GO Cross presented by Deschutes BreweryRoanoke, VA, USAUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
25/09/202125/09/2021Rochester CyclocrossRochester, NYUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC1More info
26/09/202126/09/2021Rochester CyclocrossRochester, NYUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
26/09/202126/09/2021National Trophy Series Round 1: DerbyDerbyGREAT BRITAINC2More info
26/09/202126/09/2021Radcross IllnauIllnauSWITZERLANDC2More info
26/09/202126/09/2021Cyclo-cross international de Boulzicourt ArdennesBoulzicourtFRANCEC2More info
02/10/202102/10/20211ere Manche Coupe de France Cyclo-crossPierric - Région Pays de la LoireFRANCEC2
02/10/202102/10/2021Føyka KROSSAskerNORWAYC2More info
02/10/202102/10/2021Charm City CrossBaltimore, MDUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC1More info
03/10/202103/10/2021Telenet Superprestige GietenGietenNETHERLANDSC1More info
03/10/202103/10/2021Charm City CrossBaltimore, MDUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
03/10/202103/10/2021Føyka KROSSAskerNORWAYC2More info
03/10/202103/10/20212eme Manche Coupe de France Cyclo-crossPierric - Région Pays de la LoireFRANCEC2
03/10/202103/10/2021Gran Premio Internazionale CX Città di JesoloJesolo (VE)ITALYC2
08/10/202108/10/2021Trek CupWaterloo, WIUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
09/10/202109/10/2021Gran Premio Ciudad de PontevedraPontevedraSPAINC1More info
09/10/202109/10/2021CX Täby ParkTäby ParkSWEDENC2More info
09/10/202109/10/2021Brumath Cross DaysBrumathFRANCEC2More info
09/10/202110/10/2021Chilean National ChampionshipsSantiagoCHILECNMore info
10/10/202110/10/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupWaterlooUNITED STATES OF AMERICACDM
10/10/202110/10/2021National Trophy Series Round 2: MilnthorpeMilnthorpeGREAT BRITAINC2More info
10/10/202110/10/2021Trofeu de Ciclocross SuecaSuecaSPAINC2
10/10/202110/10/2021Ciclocross Internacional XaxancxMarin (Pontevedra)SPAINC2More info
13/10/202113/10/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupFayettevilleUNITED STATES OF AMERICACDM
15/10/202115/10/2021Jingle CrossIowa City, IAUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
16/10/202116/10/2021Jingle CrossIowa City, IAUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC1More info
17/10/202117/10/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupIowaUNITED STATES OF AMERICACDMMore info
17/10/202117/10/2021Internationale GP DestilOisterwijkNETHERLANDSC2More info
17/10/202117/10/2021Verge Cross ClonmelClonmel co TipperaryIRELANDC2
23/10/202123/10/20213eme Manche Coupe de France Cyclo-crossQuelneuc - Région BretagneFRANCEC2
23/10/202123/10/2021Kings CXMason, OHUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC1More info
23/10/202123/10/2021Estonian National ChampionshipsHaapsaluESTONIACNMore info
24/10/202124/10/2021Lithuanian National ChampionshipTBCLITHUANIACNMore info
24/10/202124/10/2021Kings CXMason, OHUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
24/10/202124/10/2021National Trophy Series Round 3: Callender ParkFalkirkGREAT BRITAINC2More info
24/10/202124/10/20214eme Manche Coupe de France Cyclo-crossQuelneuc - Région BretagneFRANCEC2
24/10/202124/10/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupZonhovenBELGIUMCDM
26/10/202126/10/2021Kiremko Nacht van WoerdenWoerdenNETHERLANDSC2More info
30/10/202130/10/2021Major Taylor Cross CupIndianapolis, INUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
31/10/202131/10/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupOverijseBELGIUMCDM
31/10/202131/10/2021Major Taylor Cross CupIndianapolis, INUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
31/10/202131/10/2021International Cyclocross Increa BrugherioBrugherio (MB)ITALYC2More info
31/10/202131/10/2021Munich Super CrossMünchenGERMANYC2More info
31/10/202131/10/2021Elorrioko Basqueland ZiklokrosaElorrioSPAINC2
31/10/202131/10/2021Grand-prix de la Commune de ConternConternLUXEMBOURGC2More info
31/10/202131/10/2021Grote Prijs van BrabantRosmalenNETHERLANDSC2More info
01/11/202101/11/2021Gran Premio Mamma E Papa Guerciotti AMMilanoITALYC2More info
01/11/202101/11/2021Cyclo-cross International de DijonDijonFRANCEC2More info
06/11/202106/11/2021The Northampton InternationalNorthampton, MAUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
06/11/202106/11/2021Ciclocross Internacional LlodioLaudio-LlodioSPAINC1More info
06/11/202107/11/2021UEC Cyclo-Cross European ChampionshipsTBCSTATELESSCCMore info
06/11/202107/11/2021Pan American Cyclo-cross ChampionshipsTulsa, OKUNITED STATES OF AMERICACCMore info
07/11/202107/11/2021The Northampton InternationalNorthampton, MAUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
07/11/202107/11/2021Cyclo-cross de KarrantzaKarrantzaSPAINC2More info
11/11/202111/11/2021Cyclo-cross International de la SolidaritéLutterbach PfastattFRANCEC2
13/11/202113/11/2021Gran Premi Les FranquesesLes FranquesesSPAINC2
13/11/202113/11/20215eme Manche Coupe de France Cyclo-crossBagnoles de l'Orne - Région NormandieFRANCEC2
13/11/202113/11/2021Really Rad Festival of CyclocrossFalmouth, MAUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
13/11/202113/11/2021Lunca Timisului CXTimisoaraROMANIAC1More info
14/11/202114/11/2021Really Rad Festival of CyclocrossFalmouth, MAUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
14/11/202114/11/20216eme Manche Coupe de France Cyclo-crossBagnoles de l'Orne - Région NormandieFRANCEC2
14/11/202114/11/2021Rapha Supercross NobeyamaNobeyama, Nagano PrefectureJAPANC2More info
14/11/202114/11/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupTaborCZECH REPUBLICCDM
20/11/202120/11/2021North Carolina Grand PrixHendersonville, NCUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
21/11/202121/11/2021North Carolina Grand PrixHendersonville, NCUNITED STATES OF AMERICAC2More info
21/11/202121/11/2021National Trophy Series Round 4: SunderlandSunderlandGREAT BRITAINC2More info
21/11/202121/11/2021Bryksy Cross GościęcinGościęcinPOLANDC2More info
21/11/202121/11/2021Kansai Cyco Cross Makino Grand PrixTakashima City Shiga PrefectureJAPANC2More info
21/11/202121/11/2021Ciclocross ciudad de Alcobendas EnbiciAlcobendasSPAINC2More info
21/11/202121/11/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupkoksijdeBELGIUMCDM
27/11/202127/11/2021Canadian National ChampionshipsLangford, British ColumbiaCANADACNMore info
28/11/202128/11/2021Bear Crossing Grand PrixCity of LangfordCANADAC2More info
28/11/202128/11/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupBesançonFRANCECDM
03/12/202104/12/20212021 UCI Cyclo-cross Masters World ChampionshipsIpswichGREAT BRITAINCMM
04/12/202105/12/2021Japanese National ChampionshipsTBCJAPANCNMore info
05/12/202105/12/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupTBCSTATELESSCDM
08/12/202108/12/2021Ciclocross del PonteFae' Di Oderzo - TrevisoITALYC2More info
11/12/202111/12/2021Ciclo-cross Ciudad de XàtivaXàtiva (Valencia)SPAINC2
11/12/202111/12/20217eme Manche Coupe de France Cyclo-crossTBCFRANCEC2
11/12/202112/12/2021USA Cyclocross National ChampionshipsDuPage County, ILUNITED STATES OF AMERICACNMore info
12/12/202112/12/2021National Trophy Series Round 5: CycloparkCycloparkGREAT BRITAINC2More info
12/12/202112/12/20218eme Manche Coupe de France Cyclo-crossTBCFRANCEC2
12/12/202112/12/2021Cyclocross Internacional ciudad ValenciaValenciaSPAINC2More info
12/12/202112/12/2021Ziklo Kross IgorreIgorreSPAINC2More info
12/12/202112/12/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupTBCSTATELESSCDM
18/12/202118/12/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupAntwerpenBELGIUMCDM
18/12/202118/12/2021Utsunomiya Cyclo Cross Day1Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefectureJAPANC2More info
19/12/202119/12/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupNamurBELGIUMCDM
19/12/202119/12/2021Utsunomiya Cyclo Cross Day2Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefectureJAPANC2More info
19/12/202119/12/2021Int. Sparkassen Querfeldein GP Pferdezentrum AustriaStadl-Paura (Lambach)AUSTRIAC2More info
19/12/202119/12/2021Rixheim Cross Cup - France LiterieRixheimFRANCEC2
26/12/202126/12/20212021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupDendermondeBELGIUMCDM
01/01/202201/01/2022Grand Prix Garage ColléPétangeLUXEMBOURGC2More info
02/01/202202/01/20222021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupHulstNETHERLANDSCDM
08/01/202209/01/2022Austrian National ChampionshipsPernitzAUSTRIACNMore info
08/01/202209/01/2022Dutch National ChampionshipsZaltbommelNETHERLANDSCNMore info
08/01/202209/01/2022Italian National ChampionshipsVariano Di Basiliano, UDITALYCNMore info
09/01/202209/01/2022British National ChampionshipsCrawleyGREAT BRITAINCNMore info
09/01/202209/01/2022Hungarian National ChampionshipsKazincbarcika - Csonakazo ToHUNGARYCNMore info
15/01/202215/01/2022Hondsrug Cyclo CrossGasselteNETHERLANDSC2More info
16/01/202216/01/2022Grand Prix Möbel AlvisseLeudelangeLUXEMBOURGC2More info
16/01/202216/01/20222021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupFlamanvilleFRANCECDM
22/01/202222/01/2022Internationale Cyclocross RucphenRucphenNETHERLANDSC2More info
23/01/202223/01/20222021-2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World CupHoogerheideNETHERLANDSCDM
29/01/202230/01/20222022 UCI Cyclo-cross World ChampionshipsFayetteville ArkansasUNITED STATES OF AMERICACM