Maghalie Rochette (Feedback Sports – Specialized) dominated the muddy Day 1 of the 2019 Cincinnati Cyclocross weekend. Caroline Mani (Pactimo / Colorado Proud) finished second, with Ruby West (Pivot p/b Stan’s NoTubes) in third.

Rochette’s key to victory may have been all her time on the course in pre-ride. She spent a lot of time riding and running different lines, and didn’t care about the toll it took on her legs.

Based on her result, the pre-ride time didn’t seem to tire her out and only seemed to help her stay smooth. Rochette told Cyclocross Magazine, “I didn’t really care if I was more tired for the race, I just wanted to use it as an opportunity to train.”

Rochette explained how training in the mud isn’t possible at home, and because she has struggled a bit in muddy races, she coveted the chance to work on her mud skills.

Unfortunately for her competitors, her pre-ride and extra training paid off in the form of coveted UCI C1 cyclocross points.

Full results below Brandon Grant’s interview with Rochette.

Featured photo: Rochette in Waterloo, by D. Mable.

2019 Kings CX Day 1 Results: Elite Women

11Maghalie ROCHETTESpecialized X Feedback Sports40:46:00
24Caroline MANIPactimo/ Colorado Proud42:15:00
36Ruby WESTPivot Maxxis P/B Stans NoTubes42:23:00
410Sunny GILBERTPactimo/ Colorado Proud42:29:00
58katie CLOUSECannondale p/b Cyclocross world42:43:00
65Courtenay MCFADDENPivot Maxxis pb Stans NoTubes42:54:00
73rebecca FAHRINGERKona Maxxis Shimano43:11:00
82Clara HONSINGERTeam S&M CX43:18:00
913Madigan MUNROBoulder Junior Cycling43:30:00
109Jennifer JACKSONEaston-Giant p/b Transitions Li43:40:00
1111Raylyn NUSSMAAP | MINI U.S. Cyclocross Pro44:33:00
127Samantha RUNNELSSquid x Eliel44:53:00
1316Hannah ARENSMANJ.A. King cyclocross44:59:00
1415Erica ZAVETAThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG45:21:00
1512Crystal ANTHONYLiv Racing45:45:00
1627Amanda NAUMANSDG - Muscle Monster45:59:00
1717Jennifer MALIKRed Kite Fund pb BikeFettish46:14:00
1832Emily PAYONKTeam NeighborLink46:32:00
1926Lizzy GUNSALUSCannondale p/b cyclocrossworld.46:47:00
2020Emily WERNERAmy D. Foundation47:02:00
2122Lauren ZOERNERAlpha Bicycle Company Groove Su47:11:00
2221Bridget TOOLEYEaston-Giant p/b Transitions Li47:21:00
2314Maria LARKINDonkey Label Racing p/b FK Law47:29:00
2419Shannon MALLORYNWCX Project47:35:00
2518Turner RAMSAYAlpha-Bicycle Co.-Groove Subaru48:37:00
2624Cassidy HICKEYBear Development49:28:00
2741Daniela MEHECHBike Ohio49:35:00
2823Ellie MITCHELLNWCX Project49:56:00
2945Caitlin NEUMAN50:06:00
3030Siobhan KELLYBlack Dog Racing50:12:00
3146Eleanor DYASBlue Ridge Cross p/b JA King50:28:00
3228Aubrey DRUMMONDSPCX p/b RK Black50:37:00
3340Ryley MOSHERWheel Works Racing50:50:00
3442Tea WRIGHTBoulder Junior Cycling51:06:00
3525Katja FREEBURNLinear Sport51:15:00
3647Laura RICEBlue Ridge Cross52:46:00
DNS44Allison ARENSMANJA King Cyclocross
@1Lap31Kaia SCHMIDNew England Devo p/b Cadence We
@1Lap48Traci JUDGE
@1Lap29Abigail YATESMatrix/RBM
@1Lap43Danielle CLARKBlue Ridge Cross