THOMPSON, CT – Regina Legge (Salem, N.H./Trek Cyclocross Collective) powered away from a group of three to win the Elite Women’s UCI C2 cyclocross race at the 2018 KMC Crossfest, Sunday, Sept. 30.

Legge leads the women's field. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

Legge leads the women’s field. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

Legge broke off from the pack early with Natalie Tapias (Easthampton, Mass./ JAM / NCC) and Kathryn Cumming (Bloomfield, N.J./Jalapeno Cycling).

2018 KMC CrossFest Elite women's start. photo: Eddie Medina

The three led the field for most of the race, before Legge beat the other two to the critical off-camber, re-mounted and powered up to the finish line.

Cumming takes charge. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina
Cumming takes charge. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

Canadian Erica Leonard (Highgate Racing) led the group midway through the race and had built a significant lead before she double flatted. Cumming drove the group of three past her, and Leonard eventually dropped out of the race.

“It was fast—it was a lot of pedaling [and] there was a headwind,” Legge said. “It was dry. It keeps you on your toes, because it gets a little slick in the corners. But I had a lot of fun.”

Elite women's podium. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

Elite women’s podium. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

Two U23 racers stood on the podium twice after the Elite Men’s race at the 2018 KMC Crossfest on Sunday. Lane Maher (Harwinton, Conn./Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) won the men’s elite UCI C2 race, and the young rider also took the top step in among the U23 men at the 10th edition of the cyclocross race at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, Conn.

The Elite Men's start. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

The Elite Men’s start. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

Maher, just 18 years old, was part of a large group that formed early, but finally splintered in the final few laps.

“I had to be very aggressive at the start of the race, but it paid off,” said Maher. “I was able to slide into fourth or fifth wheel after the first few turns, but I had to do a big effort to get from the back to the front.”

Maher takes the win. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

Maher takes the win. 2018 KMC CrossFest. photo: Eddie Medina

Twenty-one-year-old Nick Lando (Ringwood, N.J./Bear Pro Team p/b Trek) took third in the men’s race, and second in the U23 category. Dirt League racer Scott Smith, winner of Saturday’s elite field, finished second in the men’s C2.

2018 KMC CrossFest Elite Men's podium. photo: Eddie Medina

2018 KMC CrossFest Elite Men’s podium. photo: Eddie Medina

Full results below.

2018 KMC CrossFest UCI C2 Results: Elite Women

1.2Regina LEGGETrek Cyclocross Collective47:24--
2.5Natalie TAPIASJAM / NCC47:26+02
3.1Kathryn CUMMINGJalapeno Cycling47:47+23
4.6Brittlee BOWMANRSCX - House Ind - DWR - HM48:33+1:09
5.7Taylor KUYK-WHITEPhilly Bike Expo48:35+1:11
6.3Erin FACCONEVelocio NECX48:50+1:26
7.16Katherine NORTHCOTTs.t.--
8.18Christin REUTERMad Alchemy| Zanconatos.t.--
9.13Leslie LUPIENVelocio NECX48:56+1:32
10.19Jane ROSSIRhode Island School of Design49:00+1:36
11.21Roni VETTERMad Alchemy | Zanconato49:37+2:13
12.10Clio DINAN50:20+2:56
13.11Valerie HOPKINSRiverside Racing50:37+3:13
14.17Meghan OWENSHands-On Cycling p/b Guerciotti50:45+3:21
15.8Kayla BRANNENCowbell Racing p/b World Bicycle Relief52:01+4:37
16.14Rhys NIESENRMJ Cycling52:25+5:01
17.15Alixanna NORRISCowbell Racing p/b World Bicycling Relief53:05+5:41
18.20Anna SAVAGEJAM Fund / NCC54:01+6:37
*4Erica LEONARDHighgate RacingDNF
*12Lindsey BAUERDNF

2018 KMC CrossFest UCI C2 Results: Elite Men

1.27Lane MAHERCannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld1:02:20--
2.1Scott SMITHDirt League1:02:26+06
3.13Nick LANDOBear Pro Team p/b Trek1:02:47+27
4.37Alec PASQUALINASET Coaching/Arlberg Sports/Pivot Cycles1:02:57+37
5.12Andy SCOTTRiverside Racing1:03:10+50
6.10Trent BLACKBURNJAM / NCC1:03:20+1:00
7.6Adam MYERSONCycle-Smart1:03:43+1:23
8.4Alex RYANPactimo/Mock Orange CX Team1:03:47+1:27
9.24Michael LANDRYVoler/Clif/HRS/Rock Lobsters.t.+1:28
10.11Alec DONAHUEJAM / NCCs.t.--
11.5Ian GIELARJAM / NCC1:03:51+1:31
12.19Greg GUNSALUSRSCX - House Ind - DWR - HM1:03:55+1:35
13.7Patrick COLLINSkb PHOTO cx / A-D Bikes1:03:57+1:37
14.3Michael OWENSRSCX - House Ind - DWR - HM1:04:02+1:42
15.2Merwin DAVISCycle-Smart Inc.1:04:08+1:48
16.16Andrew BORDENYour Name Here1:04:11+1:51
17.46Travis WOLDSpin Arts Cycling1:04:22+2:02
18.14Zachary CURTISBMB Racing1:04:25+2:05
19.22Samuel KIEFFERRed Kite Funds.t.+2:06
20.43Christian SUNDQUISTTwin Six Metals.t.--
21.8Kale WENCZELJAM / NCC1:05:09+2:49
22.9Andrew FRANKMontana Velo1:05:12+2:52
23.17Niles GAGNONGrey Ghost Bicycles1:05:25+3:05
24.25Jacob LEBLANCComp Edge Racings.t.--
25.32Sam NOELCannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld Devo Team1:05:50+3:30
26.35Finnegan O'CONNORCompetitive Edge Ski & Bike1:06:14+3:54
27.20David HILDEBRANDTrek Cyclocross Collective1:06:23+4:03
28.39Jacob ROBERTSONCreatex/Benidorm1:06:25+4:05
29.30Andrew NICHOLAS1:07:06+4:46
30.44Dan VAUGHNJAM / NCC1:07:13+4:53
31.42Camden BROOKSHands-On Cycling p/b Guerciotti1:07:24+5:04
32.36Matthew OWENSHands-On Cycling p/b Giants.t.--
33.41Ben RYANNew England Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Managment1:07:42+5:22
34.33James NORRISCowbell Racing p/b World Bicycle Relief1:08:20+6:00
35.18Kevin GOGUENRace CF1:08:43+6:23
36.21Spencer JOHNSTONPactimo / Mockorange bikess.t.+6:24
37.45Erik CARLSONHyperthreads/Apex1:09:39+7:19
38.31Chris NIESENJAM / NCC45:45
39.38Colin REUTERcrossresults.com46:08
*29Addison MINOTTDaedalus & AllstonveloDNF