The 2017 World Championship course in Bieles, Luxembourg, currently with a lot of snow covered and icy sections, brings back memories of Hartford a few weeks ago. In particular, the course features a frozen, slippery off-camber section that’s proving in pre-ride to be a critical course element that can make or break a race, or a body.

After seeing many riders crash, including Women’s favorite Marianne Vos, organizers have decided to modify the course, widening the off-camber section and allowing for a less-cambered approach, Sporza reports.

Course designer Adri van der Poel, father of Elite Men’s favorite Mathieu, was not delighted by the change and would have preferred to wait to see what the conditions would be on Saturday.

Racers in Hartford can relate to the ever-changing course conditions and course design, as USA Cycling continued to evolve the 2017 National Championships course based on safety, lap times and Mother Nature.

Hometown hero Christine Majerus, teammate with the soon-to-retire Suzie Godart, posted this course recon video earlier this morning.