Arley Kemmerer (Fearless Femme Racing) outkicked Serena Gordon (Liv l Giant Co Factory) in the closing meters to take Day One of the Elite Women’s UCI C2 race at Highland Park CX (HPCX) by two seconds. Finishing third was Canadian Natasha Elliott (Garneau-Easton Cycling), 31 seconds back. 

The first of two days of HPCX racing was held in mild temperatures and dry conditions at Thompson Park in Jamesburg, N.J.

2016 HPCX Day 1: Kemmerer, Gordon, Elliot photo: Tom Mains

2016 HPCX Day 1: Kemmerer, Gordon, Elliot photo: Tom Mains

The field of 37 riders broke apart on the first lap, with seven riders taking charge. Halfway through the race the three podium finishers started to distance themselves from the lead pack. Kemmerer and Gordon then made an extra push on the final lap.

This is the second C2 victory of the season for Kemmerer, who is a former USA Cycling cross-country mountain bike champion. She won the second day of racing at the Nittany Lion Cross in her home state of Pennsylvania.

2016 HPCX Day 1: Craig, Kisseberth, Oberman photo: Tom Mains

2016 HPCX Day 1: Craig, Kisseberth, Oberman photo: Tom Mains

On the Elite Men’s side, Adam Craig (Giant Factory Off-road) led from start to finish of the nine-lap race. He easily took the win by 31 seconds over Jack Kisseberth (JAM Fund/ NCC) and 56 seconds over Cole Oberman ( In the HPCX C2, 44 riders started the 9 lap contest

Coming into the weekend, Craig had four top tens at Pro CX races this year. This was his first time on the podium for the veteran, and it was the top step.

One of the pre-race favorites, Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo Cycling), did not finish today’s race, only making five of the nine circuits. The rider didn’t suffer from any technical issues, just apparently didn’t have a good day in the saddle. Durrin has two C2 wins this year on the Pro CX circuit, both coming at Nittany Lion Cross in September.

This is the 17th year for HPCX and it is the second longest running, internationally-sanctioned cyclocross event in the country. It marks the halfway point of the Pro CX calendar. Category 2 races continue on Sunday, Oct. 30 at Jamesburg, N.J.

The event helps to support the Rutgers University Cycling team. It is the only stop in N.J. this season for the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. Both days of races at HPCX are also the penultimate stops of the Mid Atlantic Cyclocross Series, which offers 10 events in four states.

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2016 HPCX Day 1 UCI C2 Results - Elite Women

11KEMMERERArleyFearless Femme Racing47:1647:1633
25GORDONSerenaLiv | Giant Co-factory47:18238
32ELLIOTTNatashaGarneau - Easton Cycling47:473139
47BARBOSSAStaceyMidatlantic Colavita Women's Te47:574151
59WRIGHTJulieTeam Averica48:085231
64GROSSRebeccaKhs Bicycles48:251:0937
76VAN GILDERLauraMellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers P/48:351:1953
820NORTHCOTTKatherineWest Hill Shop48:431:2736
93LYSAKOWSKIKathleenJoe's Garage Cx P/b Bikereg49:232:0733
1034RUBINORachelFearless Femme Racing49:392:2333
118BOWMANBrittleeHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman50:032:4733
1223BURTONAlexandraPortland Bicycle Studio P/b Blu50:072:5136
1315TUFANOAllysonSportif Coaching Group/patapsco50:082:5237
1426FACCONEErinTeam Averica50:142:5833
1533DOWIDCHUKKatrinaMidatlantic Colavita Women's Te51:214:0547
1616MAYRhysJam / Ncc51:234:0728
1713KUYK-WHITETaylorLaser Cats Feline All Stars51:334:1730
1830WULFKUHLEKathleen717 Cycling P/b Rsi Panels51:374:2136
1936TAPIASNatalieJam / Ncc51:594:4328
2021LUPIENLeslieDartmouth Cycling Team52:094:5329
2131FESTALaurenRare Disease Cycling / Keswick52:225:0633
2228BROOIJMANSNatasjaGreen Line Velo Driven By Zipca52:335:1742
2412KRAVITZShainaKelpius Cycling52:505:3438
2537DINANClioKüdü Collective Cx53:135:5720
2625CUTLERAmyFearless Femme Racing53:145:5831
2714LUKOWSKIElizabethWoo Girl!53:326:1640
2822HAUSLELydiaTeam Averica53:356:1926
2911WOODHeidi333fab Cx Factory Team53:396:2332
3019WHITEElizabethHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman53:426:2623
3117WILLIAMSPaigeMassachusetts College Of Libera54:056:4921
3227SCHEIFELECatiBike Line54:146:5837
3432BAUERLindseyTrt Bicycles55:368:2032
@2Lap35VAN DER HOOPJulieMit Cycling Team P/b Thoughtfor29
DNF18LEGGEReginaGreen Line Velo Driven By Zipca33
DNS10MUDGETarynFearless Femme Racing31

2016 HPCX Day 1 UCI C2 Results - Elite Men

14CRAIGAdamGiant Factory Off-road Team1:01:541:01:5436
26KISSEBERTHJackJam / Ncc1:02:253124
410DECKERCarlGiant Factory Off-road Team1:03:171:2342
513ST JOHNDerrickVan Dessel P/b Hyperthreads1:03:291:3540
68MARIONRobertAmerican Classic Pro Cx Team1:03:311:3735
79JUILIANOAndrewVoler/clif/hrs/rock Lobster1:03:32s.t.29
815WOODALLRyanTeam Tgb / Mumu / Felt1:04:092:1532
934DAVISMerwinCyclus Sports1:04:112:1725
103SMITHScottJam / Ncc1:04:232:2923
115BRADFORD-PARISHKevinSet/coaching Giro Scratchlabs1:04:543:0035
1239D'AVINOMarkCadence Cycling1:05:203:2629
1312O'KEEFESamuelHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman1:05:423:4823
1416MURPHYEvanHudson/ludwig & Larsen Racing1:06:024:0829
1535SNYDERJordanC3-twenty20 Cycling1:06:114:1736
1623SNYDERAaronStan's Notubes/7 Mountains Lodg1:06:254:3130
1717FESTAMikePhiladelphia Ciclismo1:06:414:4734
1826MURPHYKyleHudson/ludwig & Larsen Racing1:06:484:5426
1942WILLISTimKing Kog1:06:504:5628
2043TYLERMatthewKüdü Collective Cx1:07:115:1728
2121KESSLERDavidRhode Island School Of Design1:07:175:2324
2222MIHALIKMichaelJmac Cycling/novacare1:07:365:4235
2346ADASAVAGEGeraldHudson/ludwig & Larsen Racing1:07:525:5831
2432FLISMarkSquadra Flying Tigers Pb Jamis1:08:006:0634
2525LEBAIRCraigPhiladelphia Ciclismo1:08:076:1334
2645BLACKBURNTrentNcc / Jam Fund1:08:256:3122
2748OAKESAaronWenzel Coaching1:08:336:3935
2831BUTLERDerrickUniversity Of Pennsylvania1:08:476:5324
2920GOORSKEYAbeAmerican Classic Pro Cx Team1:08:557:0134
3018BUEHRERPrestonB2c2 P/b Boloco1:09:107:1628
3140DRUMMONDJackArrow Racing1:09:487:5439
@2Lap28NIESENChrisNcc / Jam26
@2Lap44VRAMBOUTOlivierWaffle Power43
@3Lap27MANDERFELDTristanArmy West Point Cycling Team22
@3Lap29ERCHULLMatthewKüdü Collective Cx31
@4Lap24STAUFFERJesseKelly Benefit Strategies/lsv29
@4Lap49LUNDMylesPhiladelphia Ciclismo30
@5Lap19REIMANNAndrewJalapeno Cycling34
@6Lap50MAINSThomasVan Dessel Factory46
DNF36WULFKUHLEAndrew717cycling P/b Rsi Panels35
DNF2DURRINJeremyNeon Velo Cycling Team29