After an extremely rough week due to an unfortunate robbery, Arley Kemmerer (Fearless Femme Racing) could have used some good news this weekend.

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Hello friends. Normally I'd be driving in a van right now, headed to the big bike race (this weekend, @cincy3cx), but sadly, I'm posting this from my office. It's been a really tough week on the homefront. I was on the fence about heading to Cincy because I have a heavy court schedule next week. But then our house in Philly was burglarized and Rachel came home to find the perp walking out of our backyard with all our stuff. This is the second time this year we've gone through a burglary, but this one is far more traumatic. We are both feeling scared, angry, frustrated, and helpless. It feels like everywhere I look lately, humanity is displaying more garbage than beauty. We've been so heavy with emotion all week, just trying to regain some semblance of a peaceful life. It feels like the examples our politicians are setting right now are exacerbating the erosion of our moral society in a way that is very real and first-hand. We'll be back to racing at HPCX this weekend, and try to get ourselves back on track. In the meantime, please be good to each other – there's way too much bad out there right now. 😞 📷Darrell Parks, #DCCX

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She certainly got it in the form of a big UCI win. Full Elite Women’s results below.

Read the HPCX Day 1 race report here.

2016 HPCX Day 1 UCI C2 Results - Elite Women

11KEMMERERArleyFearless Femme Racing47:1647:1633
25GORDONSerenaLiv | Giant Co-factory47:18238
32ELLIOTTNatashaGarneau - Easton Cycling47:473139
47BARBOSSAStaceyMidatlantic Colavita Women's Te47:574151
59WRIGHTJulieTeam Averica48:085231
64GROSSRebeccaKhs Bicycles48:251:0937
76VAN GILDERLauraMellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers P/48:351:1953
820NORTHCOTTKatherineWest Hill Shop48:431:2736
93LYSAKOWSKIKathleenJoe's Garage Cx P/b Bikereg49:232:0733
1034RUBINORachelFearless Femme Racing49:392:2333
118BOWMANBrittleeHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman50:032:4733
1223BURTONAlexandraPortland Bicycle Studio P/b Blu50:072:5136
1315TUFANOAllysonSportif Coaching Group/patapsco50:082:5237
1426FACCONEErinTeam Averica50:142:5833
1533DOWIDCHUKKatrinaMidatlantic Colavita Women's Te51:214:0547
1616MAYRhysJam / Ncc51:234:0728
1713KUYK-WHITETaylorLaser Cats Feline All Stars51:334:1730
1830WULFKUHLEKathleen717 Cycling P/b Rsi Panels51:374:2136
1936TAPIASNatalieJam / Ncc51:594:4328
2021LUPIENLeslieDartmouth Cycling Team52:094:5329
2131FESTALaurenRare Disease Cycling / Keswick52:225:0633
2228BROOIJMANSNatasjaGreen Line Velo Driven By Zipca52:335:1742
2412KRAVITZShainaKelpius Cycling52:505:3438
2537DINANClioKüdü Collective Cx53:135:5720
2625CUTLERAmyFearless Femme Racing53:145:5831
2714LUKOWSKIElizabethWoo Girl!53:326:1640
2822HAUSLELydiaTeam Averica53:356:1926
2911WOODHeidi333fab Cx Factory Team53:396:2332
3019WHITEElizabethHouse Ind/withings/simplehuman53:426:2623
3117WILLIAMSPaigeMassachusetts College Of Libera54:056:4921
3227SCHEIFELECatiBike Line54:146:5837
3432BAUERLindseyTrt Bicycles55:368:2032
@2Lap35VAN DER HOOPJulieMit Cycling Team P/b Thoughtfor29
DNF18LEGGEReginaGreen Line Velo Driven By Zipca33
DNS10MUDGETarynFearless Femme Racing31