Updated: The UCI weighed in assuring us that as stated, the calendar below is not final, telling Cyclocross Magazine that “early World Cups are scheduled” and the UCI Management Committee will be voting on Friday before the World Championships.

Hat tip to Andrew Reimann for stumbling upon this document, but it appears the UCI has a preliminary World Cup schedule with dates for the 2016/2017 season, and there’s no September World Cup listed on this early, non-final, not-publicly-announced schedule.

Preliminary 2016/2017 UCI Cyclocross World Cup schedule

Preliminary 2016/2017 UCI Cyclocross World Cup schedule

Does that mean CrossVegas (typically held during September’s Interbike trade show), Jingle Cross, Providence or Montreal won’t be World Cups for next year? Or will any of these events move to October? Note there are no locations listed on this early calendar.

Typically at the World Championships the following season’s UCI calendar is released. We’re less than two weeks from that date, but there certainly still could be plenty of changes. And we’re optimistic that the calendar will be updated. Jingle Cross has publicly made a big push to host a World Cup after Interbike, moving up in the calendar to pair with CrossVegas for a UCI-points-packed week.

We’ve reached out to the UCI, Brook Watts and John Meehan for comment. Stay tuned.