Sweeck gave Vanthourenhout chase at Hoogerheide, and eventually overtook him. © Thomas van Bracht / Cyclocross Magazine

Sweeck gave Vanthourenhout chase at Hoogerheide, and eventually overtook him. © Thomas van Bracht / Cyclocross Magazine

Swiss Rider Jacobs Attacks Early and Holds Off Chasers for Junior Win

Johan Jacobs of Switzerland has already seen his fair share of ups and downs in 2015. He took the win on New Year’s Day at the G.P. Sven Nys, and then he finished 19th at Tabor, a race that must have been disappointing considering he was a favorite and one of the few riders who beat Eli Iserbyt during the season.

The Junior Swiss National Champion attacked early in the race, and in one of the rare times he looked over his shoulder, he saw one of his teammates behind with no intention of leading a chase group back to the leader.

“I saw them suddenly approach to within seven seconds, but I turned the gas once again open and could increase my lead,” Jacobs said of the end to his race. He went on to take the win on the day. “This is a nice win on a course that does not suit my strengths.”

Eli Iserbyt and Thijs Wolsink, who were respectively second and fifth at the World Championships, battled as the chasers for most of the race that came down to a sprint for second place. Wolsink was able to edge out the European Junior Champion.

Here’s a video of some of the youth racing today, including a budding barrier hopper.

Sweeck Increases His BPost Lead at Krawatencross

With a series dictated on total time rather than points, Sweeck came into today only needing to defend his 28 second lead on Michael Vanthournhout. He did that and more as he took another win with Toon Aerts following in second and Vanthournhout coming in third.

“In the battle for the victory,” Sweeck began, “I think we were evenly matched all three. In the end I might just about the most.”

Sweeck is the current Belgian National U23 champion, and won the last round of the World Cup at Hoogerheide. His efforts narrowly fell short in Tabor, however, as Vanthournhout won the Rainbow Jersey.

2015 Lille Krawatencross, Junior Results

1Johan JacobsLares - Doltcini Cycling Team
2Thijs WolsinkLares - Doltcini Cycling Team
3Eli IserbytVZW Young Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
4Mitch LargeEnertherm - BKCP
5Briek HermansThe Kastelse Durvers VZW
6Gert SmetsVZW Ijsklokje - Cycling
7Alessio DhooreVZW Young Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
8Victor VandeboschEnertherm - BKCP
9Till PauwelsLares - Doltcini Cycling Team
10Jarne DriesenVZW Young Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
11Erik BoerVA Cycling Team Zele
12Alex ColmanLares - Doltcini Cycling Team
13Jari De ClercqVan Assche-Alpha Motorhomes Cycling Team
14Mathijs WuytsKalas Cycling Team 99 Schriek
15Diederik PemenVan Assche-Alpha Motorhomes Cycling Team
16Seppe RomboutsDCM Cycling Team
17Michael BreugelmansTeam 185
18Thomas VerheyenVZW Ijsklokje - Cycling
19Stijn SiemonRS-Bikes Racing Team Pulderbos
20Glenn EestermansVZW Ijsklokje - Cycling
21Jorn MontaigneAsfra Racing Team
22Liam HelsochtLotto Olympia Tienen
23Jarne BodenWAC Team Hoboken (Kgs.) VZW
24Tomas SzedelyiKalas Cycling Team 99 Schriek
25Dorian De MaeghtWorld North West Brabant
26Maarten Van StaeyenWAC Team Hoboken (Kgs.) VZW
27Jens RoelantsLotto Olympia Tienen
28Jenko BonneLares - Doltcini Cycling Team
29Jens QuartierCycling Team Houtland-West Coast
30Einar Steegmans
31Hakan CheersKalas Cycling Team 99 Schriek
32Carlos Schreuder
33Stefano MuseeuwEnertherm - BKCP
34Niels WillaertsBMX Vlijtingen
35Jasper Knaeps
36Gregory QuintynKSC Dender Plug Labiekes
37Bjarne BertelsDCM Cycling Team
38Killian The GroodtRoyal Cureghem Sportif - Brussels
39Stan VandenkerckhoveKalas Cycling Team 99 Schriek
40Andreas Van DriesscheWorld North West Brabant
41Roel VandaelWAC Team Hoboken (Kgs.) VZW
42Niels HendrickxWAC Team Hoboken (Kgs.) VZW
43Stef HendrickxWAC Team Hoboken (Kgs.) VZW
44Wouter WynantsThe Kastelse Durvers VZW
45Nick PeetersWielerclub North Limburg

2015 Lille Krawatencross, U23 Results

Lille (BAT) (U23)  
1Laurens SweeckCorendon - KwadrO Cycling Team
2Toon AertsTelenet Fidea Cycling Team
3Michael VanthournhoutSunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team
4Diether SweeckCorendon - KwadrO Cycling Team
5Daan SoeteTelenet Fidea Cycling Team
6Adam ToupalíkBKCP - Powerplus Cycling Team
7Jens Vande ChildrenTelenet Fidea Cycling Team
8Daan HoeyberghsBKCP - Powerplus Cycling Team
9Yorben Van TicheltSunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team
10Nicolas CleppeTelenet Fidea Cycling Team
11Quinten HermansTelenet Fidea Cycling Team
12Thijs AertsTelenet Fidea Cycling Team
13Thomas JosephLares - Doltcini Cycling Team
14Koen Weijers
15Stijn CaluweEnertherm - BKCP
16Koen Van Dijke
17Ward Van LaerThe Kastelse Durvers VZW
18Berne VankeirsbilckCCN - Metalac Cycling team
19Jelle SchuermansAvia Crabbe Cycling Team
20Yves CoolenThe Kastelse Durvers VZW
21Kyle De ProostCould. Bale BCVZW
22Stef ClaeysCT DJ.Matic Kortrijk
23Lawrence TibackxDNCS / PRO 2012 Cycling Team
24Dario Tielen
25Jorn VerbrakenDNCS / PRO 2012 Cycling Team
26Nick Van De KerckhoveMez Team Belgium Snellegem
27Senne De MeyerK. Edegem Bicycle Club - BMX R
28Dario KloeckCycling Team 99 VZW Schriek
29Sibe SmetsCycling Team Zemst VZW
30Gianni VermeirenCycling Team Zemst VZW
31Yelle LeaertsWSC Hand In Hand Bale