Interview with the new National Champion Jonathan Page:

[youtube PxJ8GS0kSfU 580 380]

Interview with Zach McDonald:

[youtube 1cFWhP1MT3k 580 380]

Interview with Jamey Driscoll:

[youtube c-rsYYgoQlg 580 380]

Interview with Danny Summerhill:

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Interview with Tim Johnson:

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2013 Cyclocross National Championships Elite Men Results

Place NameCity, StateTime BibTeam
1Jonathan PAGE   Northfield, NH0:58:31 ENGVT
2Zach MCDONALD   Bainbridge Island, WA59:18:00 Team Rapha-FOCUS
3James DRISCOLL   Sandy, UT59:30:00 Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Cyclocrossworld
4Daniel SUMMERHILL   Englewood, CO1:00:15 12 UCI PCT: UnitedHealthcare
5Timothy JOHNSON   Topsfield, MA1:00:39 Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Cyclocrossworld
6Jeremy POWERS   Easthampton, MA1:01:40 Team Rapha-FOCUS
7Ryan TREBON   Bend, OR1:02:15 Cannondale/Clement
8Troy WELLS   Durango, CO1:03:16 16 TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
9Jeremy DURRIN   Easthampton, MA1:03:27 11 JAM Fund / NCC /Tenet Racing
10Barry WICKS   Corvallis, OR1:03:52 25 Kona
11Isaac NEFF   Madison, WI1:03:52 36 Trek Cyclocross Collective
12Brian MATTER   Sheboygan, WI1:04:09 10 Racers Against Childhood Cancer
13Justin LINDINE   New Salem, MA1:04:12 Redline
14Dan TIMMERMAN   Clay, NY1:04:18 13 Richard Sachs - RGM Watches - Radix/Connecticut Yankee BC
15Anthony CLARK   Feeding Hills, MA1:04:21 24 JAM Fund / NCC /Tenet Racing
16Adam CRAIG   Bend, OR1:04:45 Giant Factory Off-Road
17Spencer PAXSON   Seattle, WA1:04:57 32 Kona Factory Team
18Mitchell HOKE   Boulder, CO1:05:01 20 Kenda Felt
19Tristan SCHOUTEN   Plymouth, WI1:05:03 14 UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
20Erik TONKIN   Portland, OR1:05:07 104 Kona
21Braden KAPPIUS   Littleton, CO1:05:55 37 TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
22Taylor CARRINGTON   Denver, CO1:06:00 60 Turin Bikes - Carmichael Training Systems
23Eric THOMPSON   Shoreview, MN1:06:27 101 Plan C p/b Challenge Tires
24Sean BABCOCK   Beaverton, OR1:06:43 42 
25Tim ALLEN   Golden, CO1:06:54 51 Feedback Sports Racing
26Jared NIETERS   Haymarket, VA1:07:20 18 SEAVS/Haymarket
27Jake WELLS   Avon, CO1:07:36 31 Stan's NoTubes Elite
28Allen KRUGHOFF   Boulder, CO@2Lap 49 Donnelly Sports
29Mike SHERER   Boulder, CO@2Lap 15 UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
30Adam MYERSON   Dorchester, MA@2Lap 28 UCI CT: Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis
31Scott CHAPIN   Santa Cruz, CA@2Lap 43 Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster/Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross
32Greg WITTWER   Richmond, VA@2Lap 34 Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team/Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
33William IAIA   Englewood, CO@2Lap 74 Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
34Chris JACKSON   Somis, CA@2Lap 26 Castex Racing powered by Felt
35Daniel CHABANOV   Brooklyn, NY@2Lap 27 Richard Sachs - RGM Watches - Radix/Connecticut Yankee BC
36Craig ETHERIDGE   Seattle, WA@2Lap 47 Donnelly Sports
37Robert MARION   Mount Airy, NC@2Lap 30 Carpe Diem Racing
38Nicholas KEOUGH   Sandwich, MA@3Lap 21 Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross /Corner Cycle Cycling Club
39Trevor KOSS   Madison, WI@3Lap 76 Magnus
40Corey STELLJES   Madison, WI@3Lap 99
41Brian HLUDZINSKI   Boulder, CO@3Lap 72 Boulder Cycle Sport
42Michael ROBSON   Boulder, CO@3Lap 89 MOOTS
43Alex WORK   Santa Cruz, CA@3Lap 112 Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross
44Nicholas LEMKE   Albuquerque, NM@3Lap 79 Scalo Veloce
45Shadd SMITH   Overland Park, KS@3Lap 96 KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge Tires
46Aaron BRADFORD   Santa Cruz, CA@3Lap 46 Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross
47Kenny WEHN   Durango, CO@3Lap 108 Stan's NoTubes Elite
48Stephen CUMMINGS   Pittsburgh, PA@3Lap 44 City Cycling LLC
49Damian SCHMITT   Bend, OR@3Lap 91 
50Greg KRAUSE   Littleton, CO@4Lap 77 
51B Jacob SITLER   Wrightsville, PA@4Lap 95 
52Grant HOLICKY   Boulder, CO@4Lap 73 
53Doug SCHULER   Boulder, CO@4Lap 92 Boulder Cycle Sport
54Brett PIRIE   Denver, CO@4Lap 85 Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
55Paul MUMFORD   Chicago, IL@4Lap 83 Chicago Cuttin Crew
56BRENNAN WODTLI   Bend, OR@4Lap 40 All Access Racing
57David (Shawn) ADAMS   Akron, OH@4Lap 48 Cycle-Smart Inc.
58William STREET   Sheboygan, WI@4Lap 39 KUHL
59Ben STALKER   Durango, CO@4Lap 98 Fort Lewis College
60Matthew ALLEN   Minneapolis, MN@4Lap 50 Behind-Bars/LGR
61Jason CEMANSKI   Seattle, WA@4Lap 61 Cycle U / Apex Racing /Apex Racing Team
62Joshua WHITMORE   Sylva, NC@4Lap 111 Team Athletix Benefitting Globalbike/Globalbike Racing
63Aaron BOUPLON   Boulder, CO@4Lap 58 Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
64David SHEEK   Huntington Beach, CA@4Lap 94 SDG Felt
65Travis BRAUN   Madison, WI@4Lap 59 Magnus
66Sean LEADER   Knoxville, TN@4Lap 78 
67Donald SNOOP JR   Beverly, MA@4Lap 97 Essex County Velo
68John BAILEY   San Diego@4Lap 114 Bailey Bikes
69Timothy O'SHEA   Cazenovia, NY@4Lap 115 
70Travis GRUCHOW   Madison, WI@5Lap 69 Magnus
71Josh WEIS   Milwaukee, WI@5Lap 110 Colavita Racing Inc.
72Scott SHAPIRO   Madison, WI@5Lap 93 Magnus
73Josh BAUER   Bloomington, MN@5Lap 54 
74Andrew LOAIZA   Plattsburgh, NY@5Lap 80 Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
75Christopher BERGE   Madison, WI@5Lap 56 Magnus
76Buckley BIRKHOLZ   Wausau, WI@5Lap 45
DNSMichael YOZELL   Emmaus, PA113 Kapelmuur Independent
DNSPeter WEBBER   Boulder, CO107 Boulder Cycle Sport
DNSJason WAGNER   Brookfield, IL106 Flatlandia Cycling Team
DNSStephen TILFORD   Topeka, KS103 TradeWind Energy Cycling Team
DNSChad TIEMAN   Leo, IN102 Team Upland Brewing
DNSRussell STEVENSON   Boulder, CO100 Boulder Cycle Sport
DNSMark SAVERY   Omaha, NE90 Midwest Cycling Community NE
DNSJesse RIENTS   Shakopee, MN88 Trek Cyclocross Collective
DNSDavid REYES   Chicago, IL87 Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
DNSEric NELSON   San Clemente, CA84 Mudfoot
DNSHugh MORAN   Asheville, NC82 Industry Nine Cycling Team p/b ABRC/Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
DNSSheldon MILLER   Craftsbury Common, VT81
DNSJeff KLUCK   Sioux Falls, SD75 SC Velo
DNSMichael HEMME   Chicago, IL71 SRAM Factory
DNSBrian HEIFNER   Middleton, WI70 Magnus
DNSChristopher FISHER   Inver Grove Heights, MN68 Crossniacs
DNSCraig FAULKNER   Mendota Heights, MN67 Crossniacs
DNSAaron ELWELL   Lawrence, KS66 Twin Six
DNSWilliam ELLISTON   Easton, PA65 Mid Atlantic Cycling Club
DNSBrandon DWIGHT   Boulder, CO64 Boulder Cycle Sport
DNSMichael CROUCH   Nashville, TN63 Swiftwick Factory Racing p/b Cumberland Transit
DNSEric CHRIST   Ingleside, IL62 Bicycle Heaven/Team Bicycle Heaven
DNSKen BENESH   Westminster, CO55 Feedback Sports Racing
DNSLuke BATCHELOR-CLARK   Madison, WI53 Magnus
DNSEdward BAKER   Boulder, CO52 Team Kappius
DNSEdwin BULL   Mendham, NJ41 Van Dessel Factory Team
DNSMolly CAMERON   Portland, OR38 Portland Bicycle Studio
DNSMatt SHRIVER   Madison, WI29 Trek Cyclocross Collective
DNSJacob LASLEY   Broken Arrow, OK23 Team Soundpony
DNSWeston SCHEMPF   Rockville, MD22 Charm City Cycling LLC
DNSChristopher JONES   Bend, ORTeam Rapha-FOCUS
DNFSamuel WEINBERG   Monona, WI109 
DNFSpencer POWLISON   Boulder, CO86 Evol Elite Racing
DNFKevin BERGER   Madison, WI57 Team Wheel & Sprocket
DNFstephen HYDE   Edgartown, MA35 Northampton Cycling Club
DNFChristian FAVATA   Rosendale , NY17 Favata's TRT Bicycles

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